UMvC3 video chat for discussion/matchmaking


Hey folks! Long time player, but newly on the scene.

Was having a bit of trouble finding fun/good people to play with online (wtf?thisscrubbotherswithonlinemode?!) and thought I’d start a group at one of the chat sites I visit often when I’m bored. Although I’m fully aware there’s a matchmaking thread as well as several discussion threads, it’s a little too slow for me and I prefer the much quicker pace of a chatroom. I figured some of you would too!

The sign-up process is fairly simple. I’ll try to stay in it as much as I can to help ensure there will be someone to play with or at least talk to. (Mainly in the evenings)

Hope to see you guys there!


Looking for a match or care to discuss UMvC3 tactics? Maybe you’re just bored? Come on over to the chat tonight! =)