UMVC3 Vita controls question

Hey SRK forum! I was wondering those of you who got the vita and umvc3 for the vita, what are your button configs? and do you prefer to use the analog stick or the dpad? I’m so used to the arcade stick so im failing atm…

The right stick is getting in my way :frowning:

I am not used to pad at all because I use stick so I am X-factoring by mistake when mashing for more hits. Also I use the Dpad as it is really good and feels great. Very responsive. Basically the 4 face buttons are the 4 attack buttons, 2 shoulder buttons are assists. Very simple layout and changing button configs is easy. Great port on the go.

I feel you brutha, i can’t do Novas bnb to save my life on the vita…i can’t execute the nova force super-_-

Yeah me too, so did you just leave it to default?

I wonder how you play Taskmaster on pad… Not like you can consistently press square and circle at the same time.

You could always rearrange the buttons so one of the shoulder buttons becomes a heavy attack and assist is a face button.

I’m having several issues playing certain chracters because I’m not used to pad. Zero for instance, can’t keep a charge going and still press other buttons with just my thumb.

That sounds like a mega bitch.

Yeah its so hard for me to pull off easy BNB combos with nova-__- like his otg slide kick into nova force…i can do it 1 out of 12 times-_-

[FONT=Helvetica]My main gripe with the vita version is there is no option to map extra buttons to the rear touch panel as that’s reserved for scrubby simple touch mode which I doubt any seasoned marvel player would seriously consider using.
I wanna be able to map a button for easier wave dashing and I bet zero players would like to bind extra buttons to charge their buster.
My other complaint is about the analog stick being too close to the d-pad resulting in unintentional inputs, an option to disable that would be nice capcom.

I’ve sent mail to regarding the possibility of adding the button mapping feature in a future update. I hope others do the same as it might influence their decision to include it.[/FONT]

i’ve adjusted the way i hold the vita to help against the analog obstacle. my thumbs and hands are now holding it more parallel to the vita and it’s working out really well. but i just can’t do it laying on my back.

the ultimate controller option allows you to bind moves and buttons to quadrants of the touchscreen. i’d only wished they’d allow this as a regular customization of controls for both front and back touch screens effectively adding 8 more buttons for those taskmaster and zero users.

lucky for me i don’t use those characters and aside from what i’ve already mentioned the controls are very good. dpad is definitely one of the best i’ve used.

Depending on how committed you are to Zero… as in, willing to re-learn everything… the only option I can think of is mapping the charge to a trigger button… then again I have no idea what a Vita looks like…

Isn’t there a way to macro a shoryuken motion in the vita version. Kind of like how you could do so in SSF4 for the 3DS? That alone would help cut the execution barrier down a lot.