UMvC3 Vita hitboxes compilation?

Has anyone started a compilation of hitbox images from the Vita version of UMvC3? I think it’d be pretty valuable information to any and all players of the game.

So far I’ve only found Dormammu’s from SRK member Lelouch345’s photobucket album:

It’d be cool to gather everyone who’s got a Vita to help out in gathering images of all the hitboxes. Another thing that might be easier and less time consuming, would be to simply make a Youtube video of you displaying all of a character’s attacks with the hitbox viewing enabled. Then people could screencap it for you and share some of the work load.

Looks like Finger Cramp is holding me down: [media=youtube]X7eV1dbfa-s[/media] They’ve started a series that sounds like it’ll document the hitboxes of all the characters.

I feel like more of you really need to recognize the value in knowing your exact hitboxes! You can find entirely new uses for certain moves with this knowledge, and know exactly why certain moves might whiff at times.

I made one for Zero here last month.