UMvc3 Vita

I’m surprised there isn’t a topic about this yet.

How is the Vita version?
Do the controls serve you well?
Can you still do all the combo’s you did on the console?
How is the netcode?

The vita version is pretty good, I have it, been playing it for a while now.

The graphics are great, a bit scaled down from it’s console counter-parts, but not significantly.

The analogs work pretty well, for the most part. The d-pad is great as well, better then the console versions IMO.

Never played the console versions, I’d assume it would be pretty similar.

Netcode is great, there’s a bit of lag here and there, for the most part it’s great though.

Imagine the console one. Smaller. Better D-Pad. BAM.

So many rage quits. I’d say 8/10 matches result in the other player tapping that PS button after getting caught in a happy birthday or right before a KO.


It is extremely easy to ragequit on the vita.