So, I’m trying to decide which one of these to get. Which one would you guys reccommend and why?

Which one is more noob friendly?

Which one is more balanced?

More play value/play time?

More fun?

Bigger player base?/Longer lasting one?


Also, is UMvC3 the last one or is capcom planning to release another update ala SSF4 AE?

  • It really depends on what you like.

  • UMVC3

  • too early to tell

  • UMVC3

  • opinion based

  • UMVC3

  • KOFXIII if you like more traditional fighters. UMVC3 if you like over the top fighting and unexplainable logic.

  • They might do more DLC for Ultimate.

make your own fuckin decisions!

Watch videos for both, decide which one looks more appealing to you. Both are fun games and I can’t really personally recommend one over the other, especially given how different their styles are.

This thread seems like it has real potential to go to some horrible places though.

That’s too fucking hard!

Noob friendly = MVC3 I guess… because of the “ABC” combos, But it’s definitely subjective… Although, I think an 8 year old got into the top 64 or something at evo…
More balanced = Too early to tell, but odds are that KoF will be
More value = Could be Kof for me in the future because I enjoy the story modes in fighters, but as of right now, the online isn’t good enough to last into the future so MVC wins this
More fun = KOF XIII because of the fluidity of the gameplay and art style
Bigger player base = Marvel in America and online, Kof around the rest of the world

Too hard? No way he can handle KOF XIII then. UMVC3 all the way!

Which one is more noob friendly?
MvC3 easy. This isn’t close

Which one is more balanced?

More play value/play time?
**Depends. KOF’s Missions will take you much longer to complete and is has story mode, color editor (sounds stupid but its addicting), and other various modes. **

MvC3 has much easier missions and a pretty bare boned 1p. Online netcode is better than KOF plus is has spectator mode for lobbies so it is much more enjoyable with a bigger group online.

More fun?
Very subective cant answer this. I will say KOF is a much more serious game.
Bigger player base?/Longer lasting one?

Also, is UMvC3 the last one or is capcom planning to release another update ala SSF4 AE?
No one knows but safe assumption is that there will be more characters/stages/etc. eventually.

As for recommending one I will say if you are a casual/casual-competitive player MvC3 is probably your better option (especially if you are only going to play online). KOF is a much better competetive fighter but it might turn you off if you are a casual player due to the poor online play and the steep learning curve of the game.

do you like cake or apples?

you probably like both for different reasons.

neither is friendly to new comers, MVC isn’t as technical but is punishing as fuck.
KOF is more technical and doesn’t have the most lenient of inputs
they aren’t really exchangeable, the playbase of marvel is bigger is all that can be answered.
KOF appears to be more balanced. KOF 13 has been in Japanese arcades since july '10. marvel 3 has been out since feb and Ultimate has been out for less than a month.

Basically, this is like asking which do you like more, an apple or an orange? Because they are both radically different games. KOF XIII has a wicked learning curve but is sooo satisfying once you get shit going. UMVC 3 is one of those games where you can get stuff working within a day or two but get scrubbed out hardbody with no recourse. It all depends on what you’re into.

In short, if you like apple juice, get KOF, if you love oranges (or any other citrus fruit) go marvel.
Either way, it’s not likey that either are going to die any time soon.

mmmmmm… Versus Threads start to much commotion because everyone is entitled to there own opinion and some people like to unpleasantly force there opinion down other peoples throats. Also these 2 games are too different from each other to compare down to the bone.

And Yes I Pick KOF, not that I dont like Marvel that game is hot in its own way too.

I swear I thought this thread was goin to be flame bait. SRK is growing up so fast :slight_smile:

KOF is a pulpy pineapple mango smoothie, and MvC3 is a French Vanilla cup.
The former has more effort put into it, and is usually considered of greater taste.
However, it takes time to get used to it and the flaws can be more of a problem for others.

The latter, while a lot of people don’t care for Vanilla, can be nice for the vast majority.
Everyone has tasted a variation of it at least once. This one has a bit of frost in it, and there’s this small chuck of it that’s much richer than the rest.
Its vanilla, though, you can’t really complain.