UMvC3 was handled atrociously this year

He wouldn’t. Considering the incident with the KoF commentator a few years back it may be as though Wizard doesn’t want to take risks, least of all over the penultimate game of the tournament and the one with the least amount of sponsored backing.

Really though, Razor? What is it with you and telling us Hebrews to shut up? Starting to sound like a Schutzstaffel.

I understand that the Cannons/Wiz couldn’t care less about the hype pit becoming crowded to the point of being a fire hazard. Well, maybe not considering it’d screw the agreements they have with the hotel. Sure, I agree with staff pausing the tournament in order to ensure safety regulations. How they do it on the other hand is a completely different matter, as well as their ability to communicate as much. If Kane/Frutsy really went ahead and went into gameplay despite being told to wait until shit was settled, then I will concede that point. But as things stand- with the two of them going into gameplay that resulted in one player gaining a clear lead- I don’t think they were informed as much.

They weren’t told directly, but Tony Cannon said it on the mic right next to them loud and clear before they sat down to play.
They weren’t paying attention probably due to the adrenaline rush that happens on that stage.
Its unfortunate, but shit happens, and decisions need to be taken, and we move on.

Circumcised or not if you say stupid shit I will tell you to shut the fuck up. I’ll even learn it Yiddish if it’ll help the stupid from making ridiculous posts.

He wouldn’t have known and plenty of people have stuck themselves in hot water before, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get the chance to say something. If he says something stupid or disrespectful it’s on him more than the organizers but they were so worried about watching their own ass they didn’t do the decent thing.

You watch any sport, the winners always have a say, watch a real fight like boxing or MMA, the winners get to speak, those guys are often punch drunk and they still give them mic. It’s not just combat sport, watch tennis, watch formula one, anything. I’m not saying let the rest of the top eight line up for a go, most of them probably wouldn’t want one, that stuff can be done by the host for film, or with the commentators or on a related program like pro talk or a stream. The guy that wins the tournament should get a victory speech however, that’s just how it’s done.

They had headphones on. Considering that Evo take pride in their equipment, shit’s gonna work. And as far as decisions go, I would have wholeheartedly approved of a reset were there not already a clear and present lead in one player’s favor. I’m not sure what went through Tony’s head once Frutsy got shut out 3-0.

You should post in sign language, in that case.

How it’s done? That shit varies from situation. For example, NBA players aren’t given mics to talk to the stadium, REPORTERS go and ask them questions and let them talk. Same with the MLB and same with the NFL.

There’s no reporter asking a question here. It’s just some dude speaking his mind. There’s already been problems with this in the past and Wiz wasn’t having any of it. You like to say naive things like it’s on the player, but it isn’t. It’s on the event. People will end the phrase as saying “said at EVO.” And like it or not, you’re not due time to speak. The organizers, as the financial backers and owners of this event, have 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000% reason of not wanting him to say shit.

This is the real, adult world. Not some anime.

Tony said it while they were seating next to the stage (before putting the headphones on).

I managed to get near the front of the stage, albeit toward the left side of the hall. There was gameplay going for at least twenty in-game seconds or so, both teams had used X-Factor, and it all ended with Kane’s Hulk dying. I don’t know if there was any point before that when Tony knew what was going on but by that point, were I him, I’d have let it rock. Then tell both players to wait while shit gets settled. That’s me though.

It certainly didn’t help that the audio for their first “match” wasn’t on, but how do you miss a big-ass screen like that? Or the thousands of people that go from booing you onstage to watching whatever is going on behind you?

That can be easily seen as a button check when its happening behind you.
Hell, Ben Cureton had not even introduced the players yet when they started playing.

Bleh, a lot of shit wasn’t handled as well as it could’ve been. A lot of that is on the players too, for one of my friends GG pool he had 7 DQ’s. My Marvel pool had 5 DQ’s, I think my GG pool had 3-4 DQ’s. Then the TO’s are given the call to DQ 30 MINUTES after official pool start, that’s ridiculous. Pools were running well into the time slots for other pools, fucking everything up. When selling the badges it seemed like they didn’t account for the fact that obviously not everyone is going to stay to watch every Sunday game, and the viewing hall was at…maybe 75% capacity filled at it’s peak attendance.

The “extended button check” was highly suspect; in the future, for streamed matches in particular, there needs to be a judge there giving the green flag. Had Frutsy not gotten blanked, the entire tournament would now be in question.

I agree with Wizard’s decision not to hand over the mic. You give it to this year’s Marvel champ and that means you are giving it to any champion of any game going forward. It’s a horrible precedent to set.

Oerba: yeah, it’s in Vegas, it’s a big hall, timing is an ongoing time wreck that you’re trying to salvage as best you can. The fact that it seems semi-reasonable most of the time is a goddamned miracle. I don’t know what they told judges to do this year, but typically you run the bracket until you can’t and then you DQ someone and move on to the next match.
As re: badge sales: not really relevant. They still can’t oversell for capacity. Much like the mosh pit upfront, there’s simply actual laws that get in the way of the hype train. :frowning:

Whole-heartedly agree with Spider-Dan. Wiz is not dumb enough to give someone a live mic on the Evo stage, no matter how cute his curly hair is. Stop letting the fan-boy speak and listen to reason. :slight_smile:

How the fuck is it an anime to have a winner give a speech? It’s convention most places, at most things. It’s not naive as plenty of other tournaments do it, non-FGC events do it and they’re bigger than Evo. If someone wants to be an ass and personally lose that privilege they’ll suffer for it. They most likely wont though, it’s a big stage, they just won and should be happy and they know people are watching. Even if they do play up people might complain but the majority will realize it was out of the organizers control. If anything it gets publicity. Not giving the winner the chance isn’t an adult world, it’s a nanny state where you need to bubble wrap everything and baby people in case they fuck up.

Not to the crowd? Fine, have the host do it, a professional that comes up for a post-match interview, it works for all other kinds of related entertainment. For the record the whole stadium can hear the fighter at events I’ve been at, it’s what the stadium wants to hear and it’s what the crowd wanted to hear with the chants. It’s about the community and the players.

Backers and owners don’t want him saying shit? No one needs a mic at an event to do that, it’s way easier to get stuff out online or spread around person to person. That doesn’t seem more damaging to you than one guy potentially making an idiot out of himself? The pure fact you have that low of a regard for a player who just won the major tournament you’re hosting that you need pre-emptively shut them out “just in-case,” is just plain disgusting.

Srs? I wouldn’t want me to have a hot mic after playing at the highest level of competition for two days and then finally it all being over. I’d be a rambling emotional basket case.

Ain’t got nothing to do with regard, it’s all about how incredibly fucked up your mind and body is then and as you hit the post-adrenalin crash.

I love the idea of more post-match interviews. I and they’ve done pre-match interviews in the past, and sometimes they do post-match interviews. Let’s make that happen. But anybody thinking you’re going to get a hot mic on stage at that point is being ridiculous.

Boxers get punched in the head for 45 minutes. They often do ramble. It’s thirty seconds. That emotion is part of the spectacle, it’s a catharsis for the winner, something the audience can bathe in and get behind, it’s just a good show.

At least we can agree on the interviews but there definitely should be more respect for the players integrity and professionalism. It’s one of the hardest tournaments in anything and to make it all the way through is an amazing achievement. Someone’s not going to go through all that just to troll the organizers because wow, someone gave me a microphone. We should see the FGC move forward, not have the gamers get treated like a bunch of irresponsible kids.

Take all of Preppy’s work for granted.

Complain that nobody is recording off stream matches.

Maximillian wins the community award before Preppy.


On the topic of KBR not being given a mic -
I understand both sides of this. If we heard KBR give that speech straight after Marvel on a mic to the whole room then there may have been less salt coming from the high level players calling for the death of Marvel because a mid-tier team took it. (To me that’s like if people were calling MvC2 dead when Duc won but that’s a completely different topic)

But on the other hand I do see what could go wrong. Kane gets a mic and does his Shia thing, the people are happy. Next year some arsehole wins and when they get the mic they start cussing out everyone they can see. No one wants that.

Considering the way everything went it would’ve been glorious for KBR to say what he wanted to say to everyone but it was not to be.

If that’s true then unless there is a fire marshall literally standing there telling them to stop the match it is completely unacceptable to stop it mid-match like that.

This is completely false. This canned, stock excuse does not fly in this situation and was not the case at all. Nothing was being held up. Players were there. Moronic TO’s put the wrong people on the streams and made so many important matches happen off stream for NO reason.

EVO has been doing this for almost two decades now and what happened this weekend was laughably indefensible. The amount of stream down time for NO reason combined with all of the marquee matchups happening off stream basically killed the tournament.

…and that scare is stopping something that should be great.

If someone starts cussing, cut the mic, they get a bad rep and become the most hated person in the FGC. Kotaku writes articles about spoilt brat, sore winner, their rep is trash. No one is seriously going to do that and if they do, Wizard and Evo wont look bad, they’ll get sympathy votes.

Someone wins an award, they step up, take the mic, say a quick thank you, same deal. It happens in everything else. I think this community has come far enough and has grown enough that we shouldn’t be terrified of the idea of gamers acting like adults.

I know. It is a shame and like I said before, had KBR been able to give his speech I think the huge amounts of salt being thrown around right now would’ve been miniscule instead.

Ok, so bearing in mind that I agree with you for the most part - What if LTG won SF4 and got given a mic? Would he be respectful of everyone else or would he just insult people, given the way he is usually?
Now granted, that is just one person out of an entire community but you can’t deny that it opens a whole can of worms that I’m assuming Wizard and Co. just want to avoid.
I don’t agree and think having 30 seconds with the winner of the biggest tournament in the world would do the world of good for the community. I just can’t help but see the reasons why they wouldn’t allow it.