UMvC3 Weekly Challenges for Beginning/Intermediate Players!

As a completely ass player and a person of young age who goes to college and has a job, I rarely find time where I can grind out a training session to learn a combo or really explore a new character. I cannot be the only one in this situation, so I have decided to start this thread to meet with other beginning/intermediate players to point out tips, tricks, and other small bits of info that will help out struggling players like me who don’t have large bits of time in succession.

(Note: I will be talking as if you have played fighting games before and understand the normal terminology of UMvC3. If you don’t, there are threads for that on SRK.)

These challenges shouldn’t be hard for most people who are good at this game. This is for people who are ass (such as myself, and admitting it is the first step :)). The goal is to not only make myself better week by week, but also give others ideas on what to do.

Also, I may not always post stuff fitted to your character or to your team. This is basically making us better by improving our execution and knowledge of the game. Specific combos for specific characters can be learned elsewhere. However, I will post combos that I feel are challenging enough for a beginner.

BUT DON’T LEAVE THIS TO ME!! If you feel you have something of importance or helpful to post, leave it here as well! I would love this to be a nice giant thread of things newer players can do to improve their skills

As a simple start (and yes I’m not 100% at it yet), I suggest trying the Dr. Doom (cause everyone can use a bit of Doom in their team :wgrin:) Buktooth loop or Footdive loop. SRK posted a nice tutorial by “Back O The Bus” on the front page about a year back. It will show you how to do both, on top of helping with the little neat tricks that make them easier.


This is my first post on SRK forums, so please be easy on me. If there is any issues, please let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

Hey man, I’m with you! And as a total forum newbie (always lurkin in the background) it’s time I admit that the reason I suck at this game is I don’t give it the focus I’d like too.

A weekly forum where fellow scrubs like ourselves challenge each other may just be the thing we need. Idk
So last night I tried to jump into Doom infinites from that huge forum post by Rokmode over in the character specific threads. Fired up my Playstation, proceeded to not even being able to shoruken properly on the night and promptly called it a night.

Not very productive. Hell, since I bought the game last July, I feel like each week I take a new character into Mission Mode, make it to about challenge 7-8 (where-ever working in X-factor activation combos tend to fall in that character’s path) and fall flat on my face. Or I’ll have my buddy come over, and we’ll be playing and suddenly he spams Sentinel Lazers at me, and I realize I don’t know how to wave dash to save my life.

At this point I either admit I can’t play the game, or I saddle up, and see what we can do. In-fact I don’t care how basic it is, but once a week a challenge we can try out and then discus what we learned would be an AWESOME thread to facilitate, if nothing else, my own frustrations.

Cause mission mode isn’t going to get me anywhere, anymore.

So thanks for starting this thread, and hope to hear from you and others soon.

I admire the initiative and hopefully this helps some people out.

One thing I’d say is to mix in some movement tips as well because that’s a key aspect of the game that many players lack.

Okay better part of an hour later. I was not successful, but this is usually the part where I probably put the game down for another week. I’ll give it another hour or so tomorrow. Maybe that’s just the trick, I have to stick at it. Here’s what I found with the three combo’s included in this challenge.

Combo 1: L, M, H, S, (Air)M, (Air)->H, ADForward-Down, (Air)M, back on the ground, c.M, c.H, S, (air)M,(air)M, Super
I can do the first half, I can do the second half. But connecting them was frustrating. At first I couldn’t get the Air-Dash-Down Medium, but then I realized I wasn’t imputing it fast enough. Then I figured he’s popping out of my combo because I’m doing it too soon. Then I tried to delay it and he just kept missing his connection with the air dash down. Futhermore I could only ADD going left to right. I tend to mash the stick with the palm of my hand. I watch the streams all the time, no one else is going spastic on their arcade stick. Why do I still struggle with the air dash? SiriusBlack is right, we’re going to have to work on movement. (or I am…)

Combo 2: As soon as I hit the second footdive (assuming I go from Forward H, into S) I’m mashing that AD again. And no matter which direction(s) I tried it just pushed out of the combo. Sometimes I felt like I had to mash the stick 3 times to get an AD going…

Combo 3: After your dive kicks, I’m dashing down Medium, as per instructions, but it’s not coming up with an air M, before Doom hits the floor. So too much time’s passed and it won’t link. he doesn’t really mention what the reps are OTG, but it looked like it was Standing H, S, but that’s getting ahead of myself.

So before I abandon the game for another week Samifish182, I will be taking a crack at it for another hour or so tomorrow.

Thanks for the motivation/post. :slight_smile:

Watching videos of other people doing combos can help you get an idea of what the timing is like.

I suggest two things as I’ve been trying to do this perfectly before moving on to the next one (going left and going right, doing it five times in a row)

First off - I do this with playing guitar too. I find ways to streamline the process to make it easier to play or easier to learn. It may not be the most fantastic way to do it but if it works every time I guess its okay??

This also seems incredibly obvious. However, psychology professors say that stating the obvious can leave a lasting impression in your brain. I tend to try to say combos in my free time, as in when i’m commuting alone or about to preform the combo, and I tend to be able to do much more of the combo without forgetting it.
(As in saying, crouching light, crouching medium, crouching heavy, launcher, air medium, air forward heavy, air dash down forward… etc)

  1. This part of the combo **[ **c.:l:,c.:m:,c.:h:,:s:, ] can be done by holding:df: the whole time.
  2. When it comes to jump, slide the stick up to :uf: and do your a.:m: as fast as you can. The amount of time that move takes to do its damage is nuts compared to most mediums. You can react to the next part.
  3. When it comes to **[ **a.f.:h: ], slide the joystick down to :f: to do the footdive.
  4. Then slide the stick back to :df: to do the ADDF and continue to the second a.:m:. You can continue to hold :df: to do **[ **c.:m:,c.:h:,:s: ]
  5. Go back up to :uf: to do the **[ **a.:m:,a.:m: **] **then [ :qcb::qcb::atk::atk: ]

The second thing I suggest is trying the combo without c.:m: after [ ADDF,a.:m: **] **and go straight to c.:h: as a variation of the combo.

(This part of the post is referring to the c.:m: and c.:h: after [ ADDF,a.:m: **] **)
Unsurprisingly, c.:h: has a lower hitbox than c.:m:. You will have to make you adjust the timings in your head to compensate for the lower hitboxes, making you do the a.:m: closer to the ground and therefore helping connect c.:h:.

The result will be you being able to recognize when to do use either c.:m: or c.:h: depending on how low you used a.:m:. We as humans are not perfect and will not perfect anything 100%. However, if we notice the distance and timing to the floor when we used a.:m:, we can decide with is move is better to spend the frames on (sounds weird, as if frames are a currency used in the game).

Once you even get this down once or twice, I suggest trying both methods and even going for another loop before Photon Array.
For doing multiple loops however, I have found that using c.:h: first instead of c.:m: after the first [ ADDF,a.:m: **] **will help keep the enemy down, thereby helping you do the second loop by being able to catch him with the a.:m: closer to the ground (or not as high, but saying that sounds weird in sentence) after :s:. The small variations will make you better at the whole thing in general.

Sorry for the lengthy post. I hope I was a bit of help :slight_smile:

Great thread!I’m a newbie here and like the idea!
Now on to practice!

You said you’re mashing your stick with the palm of your hand… so I assume you’re inputting an air dash with two directional inputs (i.e. :df: :df:) like in SF.

You should be holding the direction while pressing two attack buttons (the Marvel shortcut for dash).

If that’s not the case, then I’m not too sure what you mean.

This is great. Not sure if you are using the stick to dash. If you are get used to using 2 attack buttons. This will help with the dashing.

I have a problem with the Buktooth loop in having the cr. M connecting. Still trying to get the timing right. Seems like there is a pause after the a.M and the c. M

This is all solid gold. Don’t apologize for lengthy posts, it was very clear and concise, Sami. :slight_smile:

Everything you said to as far as shortcuts makes sense to me. And while I can always admire someone who does things the ‘hard way’, I’ll be the first to cut corners (or round them if you will).

When it comes to step 2, I immediately look at the positioning of the stick and realize that you are likely tapping S, where I tend to hold it for the auto jump. I noticed a lot of folks are split on this. Do I auto jump or do I get out of that habit and learn to jump on my own time?

Which leads into air dashes. SiriusBlack brings up a good one. I’d only tended to use the two-button airdash’s when I was following someone else’s directions. When given the option I usually do as he says, Arrow Arrow. Where this will become the biggest challenge to me, is I’ve only recently changes to the 6 button (8 button?) layout. Before I was treating marvel as a 4 button game, playing on a stick with the default controls. While they are aken more to MvC2, I realized this isn’t going to help me when it comes time to learn to call on assists properly (a discussion for the future weeks! :)).

So, with that said, learning the Type 2 way of things where your top 3-buttons are for L, M, H, and your bottom three are for S, A1, A2, I’m still trying to rap my muscle memory around having H on the top. I’m picking it up much quicker then assumed I would too. But the challenge is going to be learning to 2-button airdash with L,H or M, H instead of L, M. Because prior to playing with the current configuration I’d only airdashed with L, M which is going to be impossible to execute the majority of combos (which actually explains alot!)

Bacon Manic, gets the 2-button airdash, but sounds like he’s having the most trouble with the same part. So this is certainly the problem area of the first combo (if not this weeks challenge in general). Samifish182’s advice in his post is likely to help both Bacon and I in this reguard, can’t wait to practice today!

Finally Sami, to your point on re-iterating the obvious, I’d always sort of thought of marvel as a muscle memory thing (or physical thing) but of course this has given me something to ‘think’ about in more ways then one. :slight_smile: thx

This is how I learn combos, and I’m hoping somebody finds it useful:

  1. Look at it several times, to get a feel for the timings involved, and recognize what is the end result I am aiming for.
  2. Hit the buttons without actually doing the combo, to get a sense of how it should feel.
  3. Try it out for a few minutes.
  4. Recognize what section I’m having trouble with, and then try to isolate it via input recording or finding a shorter, easier way to setup that situation.
  5. Go over the problematic section and understand what I’m doing wrong (e.g. spacing, timing, input errors, wrong setup).
  6. Find a variation / rhythm / cues / inputs that allow me to be consistent.
  7. Return to step 3.

Samifish’s post is spot-on. I spend a long time at step 6 finding inputs that feel natural (i.e. simple and smooth) and reduce the risk of accidental drops.

Also, after a long session of training mode, I’ll just stop outright and go to sleep. There’s a point where you’ll just keep flubbing things up because you’re mentally tired, or your hands are physically strained, and the best thing to do is to just come back the next day. It’s magical, things will fall into place and what seemed impossible will start working seemingly out of nowhere.

The hard part is knowing when to quit and call it a day.

Well holy shit. 569000ish damage. Hot damn I did it. The first step into a larger world. I’d be lying if my ring finger on my right hand wasn’t killing me tho. Infact my whole wrist is feeling it. Took about half hour but I was able to do the first combo about 5 or 6 times.

Here’s my best tip following the advice of sami’s setup. Obviously the tricky part of this combo comes after the footdive. Your going to be air-dashing hitting with M, and then OTG your going to try to go to town. Lanzoma’s got the correct idea here too! You want to isolate this part. So I simply (*pauses typeing fuckin fingers!!!) …

So I push Spencer into the corner (he’s my dummy too, thought I’d follow instructions to the T), I jump over top of him I mash LM, to dash, and then M, at the last opportunity. Then i hit the ground and I see how slow/quick i can follow up. This gave me a much better understanding of the Hitboxes involved with M air, and c.M
Also it gave me a better understanding of the timing.
Infact my practice combo was (in corner) jump, LM(airdash), a.M, c.M, c.H, S, a.M, a.M, Photon Array
So the easy math, cause one/two of these attacks count for more “hits” is I’m looking for the number 8 before the Array starts. If I’m at 8 (or sometimes 9) I know I’m getting the timing down pretty pat here.

I read back my previous paragraph and only think I’m half clear I what I’m trying to state, but this is how I practice the hitboxes, timing, and “later half” of the first combo. Sami’s advice on immediately a.M, a.M, on the initial jump in the combo is spot on, but I’ve found that the safest bet to link the combo after the footdive, is to actually try to delay the footdive. You want to airdash immediately after the footdive, but you kind of want Spencer to drop down while your beating him.

I can’t describe it better then that ATM, if I could I think I’d have this one down. I spent about half hour going left to right. Just before I switched off, I tried going right to left and nailed it on the second go. But it’s funny cause even my brain was trying to flip the buttons! (like starting with H, going to M, L, then S, LoL)

And the key here is I’m going to practice some more later. Tomorrow, I’ll attempt some of Sami’s tips he posted earlier, about transitioning from c.M to c.H OTG after the ADDF. And if I’m successful or more important, consistent, that’s when I’ll try to move on to the second combo.

Lanzoma’s step 6 is going to be key for my own progression to consistency in this and future combos. I must admit it’s not as satisfying as I’d hoped to reach this stage, maybe cause the more daunting task of actually trying to use it in a game remains to be seen.

The splitting up the combo is something I used to do with SF4. It is a fantastic way to learn the back part of the combo and makes learning the harder parts of the combo the main focus. It’s a fantastic idea and I recommend it completely.

Also quitting for a while or so is a great idea too. I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten combos, missions, or even bosses in other games, on the first or second try after dropping the game for a bit to cool down. However, it comes internally. You almost have to know that this is as far as your going to go today. If you have more in you, use it all unless time permits, but coming back the next day and trying it as soon as you can, even if it means loading up your console for 10 minutes, you may see some vast improvements.
(That was some terrible wording and grammar there, I am terribly sorry. I’m quite tired but I wanted to reply to the people who also put time into their posts :))

First off, congrats! It’s either a feeling of relief, improvement, or joy, but getting a combo down fairly well feels really good.

And please tell me how this goes! I have only tested this on myself and have seen a few mentions of this around videos and forums. I would love to know if this is a good way to help understanding timings and certain situations. I feel like going into auto-pilot is useful sometimes when in pressure situations, but I feel like learning to be awake, alert, and understanding at all times (kinda like soccer, to be honest) is more important and we should strive to be completely aware at all times and thereby learning to adapt ASAP. I believe this is why Chris G is a fantastic player. The MorriDoom bullet hell needs constant thinking and planning to it, and people who auto-pilot on it usually don’t do as well as Chris G (there aren’t many people bettering him in general ATM!)

I’m not a 100% on the left side of the combo above but I am starting to attempt to do the second combo. The thing that killing me the most is the a.:m: after ADD to make a faster ground recovery. My tri-dash is good enough for the combo, but doing the a.:m: after ADD is not a first time thing. It is something that you have to get used to! I’m thinking of taking the split up method for this and practice **[ **ADD whiff a.:m: **] **on its own. I feel like this is the toughest part of the second combo. Either way, I will be trying my best at it.

If my notes on combo 1 were helpful, let me know and I’ll make notes for combo 2 as well, and bring up the tips and tricks I picked up to learn the combo. Off to bed now, I may edit this post in the morning after school tomorrow. I’m absolutely dead right now and I have about 4 professional soccer games to watch :smiley: unbelievably excited!

Well after some practice I can do Doom’s first combo from that vid.Alas I have trouble doing the buktooth loop since by the time my second dive kick they are too high for my second c.M to hit.Gaaaaah!Any tips?
My first challange is to do a BnB combo 10 times without dropping it.

Can you post the notation for the combo? I’m not sure which one you are attempting atm.

Try this variation.
**[ **c.:l:, c.:m:, c.:h:, :s:, (sj) a.:m:, a.f.:h:, ADDF a.:m:, (land), c.:h:, :s:, (sj), a.:m:, a.f.:h:, ADDF a.:m:, (land),c.:m:, c.:h:, :s:, (sj), a.:m:, a.:m:, ENDER ]

Notice I emitted the c.:m: after **[ ADDF a.:m:] **This well help you keep the enemy lower when going for the second loop, so that the next **[ **a.:m:, a.f.:h: **] **connect better. You can emit the second loop c.:m: if you so choose, however I have found that one more useful. Hope this helps

Thanks will try later tonight.

I just went back to the first combo this morning. Got pretty frustrated, managed to land it afew times. I just wish after an airdash you could just mash out your next attack button, but you press it too early (during the airdash and it’s not going to land). The timing is key and I suspect my airdashes are to blame.
Futhermore when I do hit the airdash hit, I seldom land and hit the follow up first shot. I suspect I’m waiting to long.

Sami I watched the QPRvMANC game yesterday, maybe that’s why i’m so debby-downer today. Ahh… maybe ManU will lose today. That’d help my spirits…

Learning Doom combos feels pretty good, especially getting a reasonable damage output at midscreen.
Something I find important to learn is all your combos in X-Factor, especially in 3. Dooms combos suddenly get a lot harder for me when I start flying through the screen much faster and jump straight over the opponets head.

Also tri-dashing is pretty cool too. Too bad everytime I do that I get my head crushed in by a helm breaker.

I have a hard time with Tri-dashing with Doom, but with Dorm I can do it… Just kind of weird. Must be the way Doom feels in comparison.