UMvC3 Weekly Challenges for Beginning/Intermediate Players!


I have one question with Doom’s BnB: When it starts from one corner and travels to the other is there any way to get more than 2 reps? in the 3rd rep the opponent recovers after the first J. M.


Time is also a factor for hitstun decay (there’s a thread explaining it in detail if you’re interested), so when they pop up and you’re not sure why try doing things faster. This is particularly noticeable for Doom / Magneto combos.

One variation that you can do in the first/second rep. to speed things up (in case the start was a bit slow):

:s: sj. :l: :l: :m: (2 hits I think?) Foot-footdive

The :l:s are pretty much as soon as possible after the SJ. The :m: I’m not sure on the timing as I do it by feeling and don’t have a console close to test it out.


Well after following the suggestions in this thread I can do the Buktooth loop with some level of consistency.Thanks for the help Samifish!
Now on to Fly/Unfly and Frank combos!


This reminds me of Day[9], but with Marvel. Color me interested. I’ll see if I can contribute in any way.


Okay I’m starting to get it. While I still struggle with the first combo, I’ve nailed the 3rd combo. I feel like I can complete the airdash after the double footdives about 60% of the time now. I’ve found a way to compensate by pressing LM, twice. But I don’t want to get into the habit cause I know it’s going to spoil the finisher when I finally start to get that one down.

The other hardest part of the combo is the start of the third rep. Lanzoma I think it might be appropriate to post that thread on hitstun decay! :slight_smile:
More-over feel I’m starting to experiment to the point where I’m seeing if I’ll be able to to pick up and start this BreadnButter on different attacks. It’s starting to feel abit more natural. Tomorrow I’ll try combo two which is essentially the same thing from the mid screen. See if I can get those, ADD, Land, ForwardDash, H, S down.

Bacon Manic, I’d agree with you there. Doom feels like his 8-ways are different then some of the other characters that can do them.

Hitzel, tell yo friends, we need to get all the scrubs up in this joint! :smiley:

SHAZAM you may have a possible topic for next week there. I’d put my vote in for Frank combos. But i’d really be up for Fly/Unfly. Guess which ever there is the clearest videos out there for would be sweet.

Tomorrow Combo 2, and then if I can get it, work on the variations that both Sami and Lanzoma have susgested! :slight_smile:

Don’tcha all feel like we’re starting something here!?


Definitely :slight_smile:

Whats funny to me is that I can actually do the third Doom combo very consistently. I’m pretty sure it’s easier, but I found it to be more fun as well. I do this one in LvL3 X-Factor for giggles.

And I do hope this thread stays strong. Although I do not believe I will get many of the combos I post, even trying them is making me better. This second Doom combo is killing me. But it’s all benefit! Every time to jump into training mode you get a smidgen better!

I actually have a lot of good Frank videos. I suppose for Frank West we can focus on leveling him up in multiple ways. I actually know a thing or two about Frank combos. I know we can go to the Frank thread for the optimal, but Frank is a low-mid execution difficulty character, and I feel like we get some good practice with him. These combos may not last long on the thread since it looks like we did some good work on the Doom combos (which I believe are harder than some of Frank’s combos), so I’ll adjust accordingly and make sure that we always have something to do.


As for the Frank stuff, just so I can get some stuff ready for Saturday, I’m thinking
-Solo Level Up
-Leveling up w/ assist help
-Leveling up with Frank as second on team (and using point characters that work well with him)
-Fun combos
-Level 4/5 Combos
-Challenging combos

At least one of each. Anything else?


I personally would like to see some Dorm on here.

Also I have the Doom corner loop down perfectly into his level 3 finisher, the other enders not so much.

Which combo is it I see on stream with f.h (footdive) into S (footdrive) at mid screen?

Also I still have troubles hitting the buktooth loop inconsistently. I can not figure out why sometimes the a.M > f. H > add > a.M > land >c. M does not work. I think it has to do with my height at the start?

Just putting it out there… Am I one of the few that use playing online for training? Meaning that it not only allows me to work out the combos (if I drop, what ever, it’s online) it lets me work on getting an offense/defense setup with hit confirms. Bad idea?


Dormammu sounds like a good candidate. These are a really good idea, thanks for setting them up Sam.


Here you go - How does hit stun deterioration work?

In a nutshell: The first hit starts a timer that decays (deteriorates) hitstun, there are moves that ignore hitstun decay (including assists), and there is both a max hitstun and a minimum hitstun that a move can do.

Is there any interest in a video showing the different variations / starters? I only have a crappy phone to record with, but I’d gladly do one. I was thinking of showing the fast loop to avoid drops and the max reps possible in the corner with 2 variations. Any others?


Thank you, i’ll try that later.


Lanzoma, thx for the link, any video you feel you can do, no matter how ass the quality is would be awesome. They say we learn quickest when we can teach others back, what we’ve just learnt.

Bacon, Sami, myself, we all pretty much started and finished the 3rd combo this past week. But the real challenge comes from the other two. Trying to ADDF is hardest to time.

Dorm, being another character with an 8-way dash (right??) might be the most logical progression, but on the flip side, might be nice to try something else. that way if we want to switch back next week when we get frustrated and try and nail these doom combos we’ve got two things to work on.

Anyways keep at it guys!



Showing how hitstun deterioration is time-based by doing the same combo at different speeds, and also a variation of the corner combo with just one :m:. Finally, showing the faster midscreen rep.

So apparently if you want to do the faster rep version you must hit twice if it’s the first launch, or once if it’s the second/third one.


But wont the “extra” a.L scale the damage more?


This actually helps a lot, i saw MarlinPie doing this variation of Doctor Doom’s combo, never though it was for the third rep to be easier.


I’m pretty sure it does scale the damage, but less damage is always better than dropping the combo. Basically it’s a variation for when you’re not sure you have time for the longer version due to HTD.

It should also help if doing 3 loops corner to corner is too hard (for now :slight_smile: ).


Currently making combos for Frank that I feel will challenge us. Frank is in my top 5 characters for execution so I feel like I can bring some for us. Ill be making one by one

Combo 1- Level-5 Frank
Start with 1 bar. No HC Recovery. Frank/Dante/Doesn’t Matter
[ :l:,c.:l:,:m:,c.:m:,c.:h:,:s:, (sj) a.:m:,a.:m:,a.:h:,:qcf:+:l:,a.:m:,a.:s: (land)(dash)(jump-forward) :qcf:+:h:, (land) c.:h:,:s:, (sj) a.:m:,a.:m:,a.:h:, :s:, (land)(dash if needed):a1::a2:, (frank recovers) :qcf:+:s:,:qcf:+:s:]
Damage: 720,400

What should happen/notes/Etc
-After the second air combo, you should have a little over exactly 2 bars do to the THC
-After the first land, dash ASAP! I suggest doing the :atk::atk: command for dashing because its faster unless you really wanna work in the :f::f: for the dash.
-After the first regular jump(this part- [(land)(dash)(jump-forward)]), you will need to feel the right timing for inputting :qcf:+:h: to OTG.
-When you see :qcf:+:h: start, get ready for the**[(land)c.:h:,:s:]** cause it needs to happen ASAP!
-This combo will always get the opponent in the corner. “Dash if needed” is only needed if your on the beginning third of the stage.
-The times to do the camera during the THC is before Dante says “jackpot” which is around when Frank recovers from his super, and right when the last large shot that Dante shoots hits the opponent.

My issue with this combo as viability is that you can do this combo

Start with 1 bar. No HC Recovery. Frank/Dante/Doesn’t Matter
**[ **** :l:,**c.:l:,:m:,c.:m:,c.:h:,:s:, (sj), a.:l:,a.:l:, a.:m:,a.:m:,a.:h:,a.:s: (land)(dash)(jump-forward) :qcf:+:h:, (land) c.:h:,:s:, (sj) a.:l:,a.:l:,a.:m:,a.:m:,a.:h:, :s: (land)(dash if needed) ,:a1::a2:, (frank recovers) :qcf:+:s:,:qcf:+:s: ]
**Damage: 707,700 **

which seems to be hell of a ton easier and only 12,700 less damage. Two notes for this one

1.Mash this combo out and do everything as fast as possible! HSD is not your friend.
2. It looks scrubby as hell. But easier to execute.

This is my one of my Frank videos. If you want me to scribe some combos just let me know,

Posting this for now. Gonna scribe some things later too.


Personally I am now building a team for my new main:Captain America!!!
Personal mission:Find the strongest,sickest team for Cap plus practice movement and his BnBs.


I just stumbled upon this series of articles which I think are very valuable. Worth a read whenever you have time.


Those articles blew my mind.


I hit a wall today. I can’t get the dashes down midscreen after about 2 days of practicing and it’s killing me. The vid was great Lanzoma. I haven’t taken a stab at the Frank combo’s yet, but Doom is really frustrated me ATM… sigh

Going to check out those articles. Thx