Umvc3 wesker changed?



didn’t see one and thought i might as well make it.

here we speak of everything new to wesker during his mission in the time between mvc3 and ultimate.


  • Damage and speed increase as his sunglasses get damaged.
  • Phantom Move can be performed after Cobra Strike.
  • Decreased attack startup time of Jaguar Dash and increased active frames.
  • Increased damage of Jaguar Kick.
  • Increased hit box of Tiger Uppercut L and M.
  • Decreased startup of j.M.
  • Oppponent cannot tech after wall bounce from Tiger Uppercut M and H.
  • Additional hits can be added to phantom dance (ground and air versions) through rapid buttons presses.


  • Health decreased to 1,000,000.
  • Increased invincibility frame startup of Rhino Charge.
  • Decreased float of Samurai Edge (Horizontal Fire).
  • Adjusted untechable time for all versions of Samurai Edge.
  • Additional damage scaling is added after a successful Rhino Charge, so damage is decreased on extra hits.


He can now teleport cancel his Cobra Strike.

And as a nerf, his gun shot won’t give him enough time to combo after a full screen hit, and his gun loop on x-factor lvl 2 and 3 doesn’t work anymore.


what do you mean bout the gun combo? like otg cr. m after cobra strike or in reset situations?


Random gun shot -> teleport -> combo, that doesn’t work anymore. The OTG is fine.


dam…that was so use full. iv been using that alot more recently


I assum this dingy thread is his UMVC3 changelog… well, regardless, check out Maximillian’s latest video (Nemesis+Strange walkthrough) to see him do

Cobra strike xx Teleport > OTG > cr.H > Cobra xx Teleport > OTG > cr.H,S

Following OTG with cr.H, TWICE? something has changed, either cr.H is faster, or OTG has more hitstun.


He is just less derp than he was before. Not totally mindless anymore but still pretty braindead.


thats wierd then his gun would have increased in hitstun off otg but aparetly lowered when horizontal.
or the changes to hitstun just kinda make him slightly more diverse in terms of combos, neverthe less wesker seems better except random gun nd lower health.


Do we have an actual Wesker changes thread or is this what we have to work with? No offense, just asking because I’ve been looking for his changes everywhere.


this is it i guess, i was looking for some to so i decided to make one. not to earthshattering. mostly just making it less herp derp like nissan said and giving more combo options. :confused:


Am I the only one who never thought Wesker was braindead? The guy is pretty easy to use, I’ll give you that, but I never saw him as braindead. I feel a braindead character is one that is so easy to use, and has no originality, that whenever anyone uses him, it all looks the same. Like Wolverine. Justin plays him with nice footsies and spacing (just because that’s Justin), PR Rog just goes in all crazy, Noel Brown patiently goes in, but at the end of the day, it still looks exactly the same. No differentiating set-ups (bear in mind one has a She-Hulk, one a Tron and Dante, one a Wesker), no different combos, nothing that truly sets them apart. When I see different Wesker players though like Noel Brown, Viscant, Chris G, they all have a bit of different styles. For one, Viscant has him on point, Noel second, and Chris third which shows how they value him, plan on playing him, and have different set-up possibilities. Now obviously with Viscant, his main objective is to build Phoenix meter so he goes for many mix-ups, and yes many, we have seen a ton of new mix-ups all the way up until most recently with SB:V. And he plays pretty lame. Noel Brown likes to go for air throw/divekick option selects with Wolverine (although you do that shit automatically) because he has Wesker there to otg for him. His Wesker is more of an assist and he more relies on Wolverine to win games. Chris G loves Ammy or Ryu on point for DHC and has Wesker as an assist (and unblockables with Ryu) but often times he’ll bring him out to perform high damage combos and nice mix-ups with Ammy’s slow down. His combos are also a bit more advanced. Also Jago comes to mind who uses him on point also but goes in frequently. His combos, mix-ups, and set-ups are more advanced than the other players mentioned. But anyways.


Yes or no?


I sort of agree. There’s definitely a difference between a good Wesker and a bad one. The only issue (not really the right word, but whatever) is that the gap you have to cross to get good isn’t exactly big. As much as people might complain, there is actually such a thing as bad teleports with Wesker but any player can make that option become safe with about half a minute of training mode tinkering.

So yeah, I mean you can’t go balls out rush down with Wesker doing whatever the heck you want, but at the same time you can get away with a lot of actions that would kill a lot of other characters. And despite there being varying degrees of good Weskers, they all still do kinda blend together since the gun shot becomes such an integral part of Wesker’s game play. He isn’t “brain dead” to me since he still does have to utilize caution in approach (cause you know, no invincible regular moves/Berserker Slash), but let’s not try to sugar coat it, there are simply inherent traits to Wesker that make him very linear and easy to understand yet terribly effective. Like…simple combos that lead to good damage (450-490K) and practically capable of utilizing any assist as a combo extension which will lead to a corner knockdown just to name one.


the ones thinking that hes braindead are hypocrites and/or full of shit. mvc3 or any of the new capcom fighters aren’t exactly rocket science.

now lets see how braindead the rest of the good characters are

wolverine: berderper slash, retarded dive kick

dog: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh along with that stupid m/d.m that beats out or goes under everything which leads to more hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

zero: jumping h lulz and c.m that has no hurtbox

dante: half screen normals, get back™, and i’m not even gonna get into his combos since one of the the reason you’ll be using dante is because you want to style on your opponent. but even his day 1 combo suffice.

phoenix: i cant control it, x factor, c.l xn

magneto: disrupta…disprupta, loop, loop, gravity squeeze


Yeah, like I said he is without a doubt an easy character to use but people throw the term “braindead” around with him too loosely. Getting great results of off simple decision making don’t make a character braindead (although once again, it does make him easy to pick up), but getting great results due to mindless decision making (can’t even call it that really) is what sets it apart as braindead. With Wolverine and a large portion of those who play him, it’s 99% guessing because I throw out random safe ass attacks that lead to TOD combos.

Glad you agree with me, but I think you also might be misinterpreting the term “braindead.” I do feel Amaterasu is pretty close to there with mashing those H’s but Zero, Dante, and Magneto aren’t braindead.

Sure Zero has great priority, hit and hurt boxes, and more, but that doesn’t make him braindead. He requires execution and some intelligence in order to deal serious damage to characters. He can 100% pretty much anyone but you have to actually work for it.

Same with Dante. He has great tools, but still, to deal max damage he requires some above average execution and can be punished easily on many of his moves.

Magneto’s disruptors are annoying but they can be punished pretty easily depending on your character. And his loops, ROM combos, etc take some pretty nice execution to pull off.

Phoenix as a character isn’t really braindead, she just hasn’t been tapped into because most players don’t care for her normal form. She zones very well, like an aerial version of Magneto kind of. In lvl 3 XF Dark Phoenix though, yeah she’s pretty braindead. Her hyper does 400k damage on block.


I agree that this game in general is pretty braindead except for maybe a handful of characters. Wesker is just at the top of that list. No need to hit confirm normals (-1 launcher ), Flowcharty ground gun-teleport H gun game (Hits you get a combo because of ridiculous hitstun if its blocked or whiffed then its a free mix up pretty much so just do it), really easy post mixup OTG, Derpaport, High health to negate even more risk… list goes on.

Duck Strong wrote a really good post about it in a thread somewhere I will try and find it.

Im still going to use him. But compared to some of the other derpy characters I play Wesker is the one where I have to use the least brain power to be effective.


all great points, except i believe if you need any above average execution skills a caracter cant be exactly “braindead” just simple if anything. wesker is “simple” in a way. you see most of the same mixups by everyone, the variation is so slight it could just be a different assist or wether you use l or h teleport. easy to pick up is probably a much better way to put it then braindead, hes a great caracter. and personally my favorite to just confuse my friends when we play, wesker can be a pretty indepth caracter, just not in the ways some others are. especially in a game thats pretty hard to find somone you cant really be braindead with.


Might as well post this here. Wesker got some nerfs mostly buffs though



  • Health decreased to 1,000,000.
  • Damage and speed increase as his sunglasses get damaged.
  • Decreased startup of j.M.
  • Decreased float of Samurai Edge (Horizontal Fire).
  • Adjusted untechable time for all versions of Samurai Edge.
  • Phantom Move can be performed after Cobra Strike.
  • Decreased attack startup time of Jaguar Dash and increased active frames.
  • Increased damage of Jaguar Kick.
  • Increased hit box of Tiger Uppercut L and M.
  • Oppponent cannot tech after wall bounce from Tiger Uppercut M and H.
  • Increased invincibility frame startup of Rhino Charge.
  • Additional damage scaling is added after a successful Rhino Charge, so damage is decreased on extra hits.
  • Additional hits can be added to Lost in Nightmares (ground and air versions) through rapid buttons presses.

i like the changes to jaguar kick. such an underused and underrated move. that health drop doesn’t even seem like it’ll matter IMO. that was a needed change anyway, considering weskers abilities. still dangerous. and thank goodness for cobra strike>phantom move. he’s REALLY gonna be on dat ass now.


I hope that was just a magnificent typo and that Lost in Nightmares is not actually usable in the air.

And WTF at the Tiger Uppercut stuff, was kinda hoping for 1 or 2 more active frames. It almost sounds like they’re hard knockdown now.


Wesker is just a solid, well rounded character if you compare him to the other characters in the game. The main thing people freak out with concerning Wesker is that he has these things like multiple teleports and gun that converts to combos. Stuff that would be banned in normal fighting games but is just kinda the par for course in MVC3. They purposely made the characters in MVC3 to work as if they were just fighting game versions of their action/adventure counter parts and well…that’s how you get MVC3 Wesker.

At the same time the one truly OP braindead thing about him outside of following up the DHC glitch got nerfed. No more gun port to combos as anti air means he will actually require you to give him an assist and make a team around him instead of just sticking him on any random half assed team and whoring his XF3. Wesker is actually a rather assist reliant character it’s just he had a few things too many that made it so you could get away with hurp durp BS. Once people figure out how to regularly punish his assistless 20+frame recovery ports he will definitely see less easy dominance. So many of the characters duck or wave dash under the gun it’s ridiculous. Wolverine will still mostly be a clean counter to him even though Wolvie got nerfed to shit.