[UMVC3] Which assist character?


Hi all,

I’m starting out in UMVC3 (not new to fighters however) and current liking Ironfist and NOVA (I know Ironfist is low tier but he’s fun for now and feels most like an SF char haha). I’m struggling a little with the 3rd support/assist char.

Right now I’m torn between:
Akuma (Tatsu)
Frank West (Cart)
Ironman (Beam)
Hawkeye (Arrows)
Sentinel (Drones)

They all seem to work well as assists but how about if I’m left with a single character? I’m not sure of Frank Wests ability to level up with Ironfist and NOVA. Akuma seems a very solid choice. Ironman I love, and his beam assist is perhaps the best for these 2? Sent drones give so much time for setups… Not sure about Hawkeye either.

Does anyone have any input?



You should try the character specific thread or the general team building thread in the UMVC3 sub forum. The people there are really good at theory fighting and the max potential of a character within a team.
The easiest anchor/assist would be Akuma/Sent/Hawk since it covers horizontal movement for Iron Fist on point.


Don’t underestimate the power of Frank, he’s got a really annoying assist that is pretty safe - and only gets better the more you level him up. Justin Wong has mentioned a few times that he’s got one of the best assists in the game, as long as we get to ignore anything Dr.Doom does.