UMvC3: Who You Use and What's Your Teams Name

The Canada section of SRK has gone serious. I miss the days when people created discussion threads for the sake of discussion.

Anyways, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to know people’s Teams in UMvC3 and what they call them.
Naming your team is pretty important IMO. It gives them more value and can certainly calm you down when somebody ask why you named them that. It will make you smile. Without further ado.

What Characters are you using and why?
If you give your team a name, what would it be?

–Team D.A.D.–

****Cause he is funny. Press taunt when using him and you’ll know why.

****Was a weird choice but I love dogs. I never played Okami.

****Was just cool looking plus I used Blackheart in MvC2. The minute I saw that wall, I knew I was gonna use him.
–Team Lawyer And His Amazing Animal Friends–

Phoenix Wright - never played the game but when I saw that lvl3 super, I had to use him. Somebody also recommended I use him.

Rocket Racoon - I love the idea of a walking, talking, shooting raccoon. I call him “Cartman” cause I can’t use coon because of the racial slur behind it. I also love it when he says “Rocket Skates”. A few people have told me, I only use him to troll. Maybe.

Ammy - I had to back the two new characters with an old favourite so I don’t get burned easily.

Hope people participate.


team lawyer should be team zookeeper or team dog whisperer

Team Vaginal Tear (V-Tear): Nemesis, Sent, Hulk.

“When any one of 'em goes in, there’s gonna be some tearing!”

Using them cuz I suck at the game. If I’m lucky enough to connect at least I can kill off a character with little execution.

Team RoW V2.0 (see what I did there?)

Mainly cause I like his alt costume, but also because I really like his gimlet.

Because his drones are so fucking good


team i sold out

vergil strider wesker

Team Final fantasy
Trish (low voltage)/Storm (whirlwind)/Dormammu (Dark Hole)

Named after the THC (cause you got lightning, ice, and fire filling up the screen)

swapping out best friends, but keeping wolvie on an alt team. he is still really good but his bad matches got way worse (fucking trish…)

team POWERUP (name coutesy of white_r)
Ryu (denjin DHC into maximum wesker provides massive shenangians)
Wesker (POWERUP)
Hawkeye (exploding arrow tech + he is a very good anchor + good synergy with wesker)

team why am i still using tron (my team in vanilla)

team tokido

Team I Can’t Play this Game

Dr. Doom

I’ve used X23, Amaterasu and Taskmaster since vanilla came out, before knowing anything outside mission mode. It was really fun doing the X23 mirage feint loops and I’m a sucker for seeing that hit counter go up. Ama had that retarded :h: mash. And Taskmaster is Skeletor with a fucking sword.

In UMvC3, I’ve started using Firebrand in Ammy’s place because of her changes. I’m having a hard time adjusting to her new glaive timing, and Firebrand was the only new character I tried. He seemed unruly as heck, but I’m starting to get a hang of things. He doesn’t fit in as well as Ammy did in vanilla, though… Just gonna force the team to work together and hopefully it works out

I didn’t wanna use someone I suspected everyone else would be using (Vergil, Strider, Iron Fist), cuz I’m a closet-hipster about characters.

P.S. Holy shit, I love X23 in Ultimate!

Nova/ ???/ ???
i call it Team Nova (i can’t decide on a 2nd person and an anchor /: i like Iron Fist and Ghost Rider, but i want Spencer or Chris on my team)

Team “Broken as fuck”

Vergil/Nemesis/Dr. Strange

Vergil is basically wesker with a sword, and although i picked him up because i played wesker in vanilla and vergil looked cheap, he’s actually fun to use.

Nemesis: I love the command throws and how good it feels to hit someone with him. A lot of force behind everything he does, and some good combos into vergil.

Dr. Strange: Easily my favorite character in the game. So much fun, and still cheap. One throw, I can use xfactor and your dead. Spell of Vishanti to punish? Xfactor dead. teleport mixups using nemesis armoured assist, and good mixups with eye of aggamato.

I usually start with vergil on point, but Ive used strange on point too… Nemesis only ever on point if im going against someone like phoenix wright who has no way of stopping him.

Vanilla was easy: Zero/Dante/Sentinel, team hunters.

Now I don’t know what the fuck to name my teams:
Zero / Tony / Strange
Zero / Doctor / Doctor

Any ideas anyone?

Team RoboRoll/Team Canada
Zero because hes a boss, MegamanX has always been one of my favourite games and I like the fast assault style of Zero.
Tron Because shes SUPER KAWAII!! once again megaman games, and I mostly use her to troll "OH, HO,HO, HO!"
Sentinel he seems broken and I have no skill at this game so I just spam his barrage attack and mash crouching medium
Usually i choose a pure black colour scheme for my team but if im feeling saucey Ill make them red and white, and it reminds me of team Canada.
If I need to spam my way to victory ill throw modok in here somewhere, but hes so annoying he usually ends up annoying me, so I rarely bring him out.

**Team High-Tier:
**Tron/Firebrand: Tron because I like Megaman Legends and she reminds me of TvC, Firebrand only because I play Arthur.
Hsien-Ko : Ive been trying to learn Vampire… Also I like dropping balls on people :3.
Arthur: I like GnG even though ive only played it a few times… also the manliest character in the game.


Team Flameheads
Ghost Rider/Dorm/Phoenix

NFS. or Team Grown ass men. whichever comes first.

Team I’m not good but I use wesker.


Team Rebelo:

Captain America. That’s it.

So Team Lawyer and his Animal Friends is just too long to say all the time.
My teams new name is:

Team LAF
"Team Lawyer and Animal Friends"

Bring it bitches. I’ll object to everything. LOL.


Team Gruffs n’ Kitten

Felicia: A character who, if it weren’t for Marvel 2, would have never played as in my life. (Back when Marvel 2 first came out, I was blown away by the large roster size and had no clue who to pick, while also going “Where’s Megaman? Gah, can’t find him where is he? Oh there he is”. Ended up losing time and she was randomly chosen) I ended up liking her a lot and now she’s one of my staples for Capcom fighting games if she’s available.

Spencer: In Marvel 3, he was my “replacement for Megaman” because of the blue guy’s absence. I didn’t want to use Zero because of my disliking of him from TvC, so I settled for Spencer since I liked Bionic Commando as well. This was before all that Combofiend stuff happened. Spencer hipster

Ryu: In vanilla, this spot was for Gouki/Akuma. But after seeing all the stuff they added and changed for Ryu, I just had to put him in my team. And hence why this team is called Gruffs n’ Kitten. Two buffed up gruff, scruffy guys and one small kitten. XD