Umvc3 wolverine mission #10 question



Having help connecting the last “AIR S” before the standing launcher…


Dude, I do not even understand how this is supposed to work. Maybe you can help me? After charge I do I assume a normal jump (since a super would go right over Chris) but how do you squeeze in all those attacks before landing? Am I simply not pushing buttons fast enough?


You do land. After the first set (L,M,S) you land and perform a normal jump (up/forward) and continue the set (L,M,M,S) land and normal jump again to complete the third set.

With that said, I too cannot connect the final air S before the launch. I’ve tried delaying various inputs, jumping in quicker and or delaying the first, second and third jump ins and it still wont connect. Anybody ?


Delay the 3rd jump a little bit. Took me a while to get the timing down, but its pretty easy when you notice it.


the timing must be extremely tight on the delay if it is the third jump you delay. I can’t get that last jumping S to hit at all.

#6 I’m not sure it’ll help because the quality is pretty shitty…but its better than nothing right?


Finally, after 20 minutes of battling his last mission, i prevailed. Thanks for the tidbit. Indeed you perform the first two sets (normal jumping up/fwd) as quickly as possibly and slightly delay the third and final jump in so you can nail the air.S and follow up with a launcher.


i still cant do it u know after the lmms i get to the mmh but cant land the air s


Since I almost lost my scruples on this one I will share the technique that won me the day. As was said before, you have to slightly delay the third jump, which basically means, don’t hold up for the third jump. Just tap up instead of holding up for the third jump, eventually you will get the slight delay you need. The only difference you notice really, is that the S magically starts to hit.

Thank you again to “This” for posting about the delay, I went from not hitting the air S in probably a good 200 tries to being so blinded by tears of joy that I missed the end of the combo the first few times I got S to hit.

I also did this with all neutral jumps, and again, by just tapping up instead of holding up for the third jump I started getting the slight delay needed 1/3 tries.


Yeah, this is basically what did it for me. What really got me landing the final jump S consistently was delaying my first jump L until JUST before the Berserker Charge hyper flash was over. For some reason this seemed to insure that I started hitting Chris close enough to the ground for the rest of the combo to work. It seems we each have some unique way of parsing out these combos that helps us personally, but hopefully our combination of our experiences will be helpful to the next victim of this trial.