Umvc3 zero match videos



what players are good to watch for umvc3 zero

have no motivation atm so i’ll just go copy someone else’s technology lol


Right now, I can honestly say (and this is surprising to me) that the best Zero to watch is Megaman Steve’s. He’s the only one making liberal use of lightning loop in actual tournament matches and has hit Buster xx Lightning hit confirms down. Given his team isn’t the optimum setup for Zero, but he makes it work.

There are other good Zero players like Killer Kai, Flocker, and Marn, but IMO none of them are playing UMVC3 Zero yet - they’re still playing vanilla Zero.


I think Steve is a coinflip right now really. 50% of the time he shows some really impressive stuff, the other 50% I am stuck seriously questioning his decisions.

Best players to watch for technology: Arisu, Sams Club, Youtube Illuminati (Kef, Nini Heart, ZeroX03, BlackRagna, myself, missing someone probably)
Best players to watch for good overall play: Flocker, MMSteve, Viscant, KillerKai
Best players to watch for unorthodox play: Tapebot