Umwc3 teambuild help

Hi guys. Im new to marvel. and learning the basics atm.

I play casually with some friends and i Cant seem to figure out Which chars is Best at the different Roles. Point, assist, etc.

I wanna find myself a good starter team. But also a team with Char that i Like.

So far my favorites are:

Ryu (ssfiv main)
Captain America

I just dont know In Which ordet to Combine Them.

Any help appreciated. Also if 2 of the above Char do really Well with a Char not on the list Im open to suggestions.
I do prefer “good guys” / heroes though.

Wolverine/Ryu/Wesker is pretty good, so is Dante/xx/Vergil, Cap on point can work well also…tbh just arrange the chars you like in any order and go to training mode, see how you like the synergy. As long as you have a good anchor (comeback-potential in xf3) and decent point (self-sufficient or better, meter-wise) you should be good.

its probably best to pick an assist character (iron man beam, dante jam session in certain teams) then try randomly putting your first two characters in to see synergy

or you could go point char, assist char, wesker for level 3 wesker which is probably the best strat

wesker ironman is very good synergy

You could do Cap on point, Wesker second with his OTG assist, and Ironman with his beam assist as an anchor/dedicated assist; that gives you pretty basic magic series > Wesker OTG > magic series > Cap OTG > Hyper with Cap, and then if you lose Cap, you have Level 2 X-Factor Wesker backed up by Ironman assist, which isn’t bad. There are a ton of options with team building, though; don’t be afraid to be creative and figure out what works for you.

Thanks for the help guys. After some training today i have found out Im doing ok with cap/Ryu/wesker.

My wesker isnt that great yet tho. Thinking of replacing him with ironman.

Ill get some more synergy training done tomorrow.

Im gonna try the wesker ironman synergy and mayve Wine out Ryu for that one.

Cap/wesker/iron man

What Bout dante/iron/wesker. Any thoughts?

And i gotta get some Serious training done lol

I wish simple operation mode wasnt there . Now Im having a hard time forgetting Those button config.


Did some training, and Ironman is decent, i just dont play him that well yet.
did some other comps.

i plan on doing some testing with this one:

Wolverine (Beserker Slash), Captain America (Shield Slash), and Ryu (Tatsu).

Im thinking of theese setups: will test some tonight.

Wolverine/Ryu/Iron Man




Other thoughts?