Un-parriable Aegis Shield

Against a fallen opponent, if you use Aegis Reflector, instead of one, do 2, whether they try to parry it or whatever, they won’t be able to. If they are in the air, 2 well placed Aegis Reflectors will keep them bouncing for 16 hits.

I think you’re gonna get banned or something

Seems like it. And I sure do hope so =/. I like how if you mouse over his rep bars, hes in his own league.

I also doubt that it’s un-parryable, although I’ve not tried it myself. But, why bother? throw out one EX-Aegis for anti air and juggle all you want.

You can parry aegis in the air, except after the third or second parry you need to parry in the opposite direction.

Ha ha. Wow. Well whatever. Apparently he knows how to get extra hits out of air Aegis while also managing to break the juggle limit.

Haha, so he also gives WRONG information. Nice Find :tup:

ur a fuckin idiot…

I laughed at this. It’s like death by fire isn’t a severe enough punishment, he has to be himself. :rofl:

While I can’t salvage this thread, I’m pretty sure that double aegis can be unblockable if you go to the other side before doing the second one. But… nobody should ever do that.

:rofl: i didnt notice that

that shit is possible…:wow:

yeah but you can’t say he’s not fun:smile:

That’s the whole point

I actually noticed that but I never knew that was actually real, Because that his rep bar is where his AV should be… yaddah yaddah yah…

… Roshi stop posting, You’re too funny.

I am sick of this crap polluting our good boards =/

This is horrible information for good comp, unless you are on a decisive round against some parry monster. Why the hell would you burn 2 full meters on a double aegis against someone anyways? It is a safer option not to waste your meter and just go for standard unblockables, and even the damn unblockables have good mix ups to prevent this bs to begin with.

You can easily finish off someone who is on their last few bits of their life bar by doing this, obviously they would parry the Aegis reflector, knowing that they can be chip damaged to death. However, you don’t allow them to parry, and force them to be killed by Aegis Reflectors.

so lets make a whole new thread about something that works once a blue=balls having moon

Might as well post this here:

A really dumb trick I use a lot is during a round in which I will win through Aegis Chip damage in the corner, I do taunt.

Yeah taunt.

If they try and parry Aegis hits, they are FORCED to block the taunt (it’s unparriable), and then continue the Aegis parry, if they fail, you can finish with a headbutt after the juggle. You can also mixup with c.LK xx Taunt.

This is seldom useful but every little trick counts right?

Also you get brownie points for taunting them in match :smiley:

The only unparriable moves in the game are Gill’s Seraphic Wing and the first hit of Akuma’s KKZ. Urien’s taunt can be parried low. It’s a very slow tricky low, but a low nonetheless.

That taunt is actually semi-useful on occasion. It has to be blocked low, and it doesn’t look that way.

^yea it does…he punches the ground. Seems kinda obvious

His taunt does look tricky. The first few frames of the animation look similar to his command overhead (toward + fierce), which could easily confuse people :P.