UN Wants To Censor Internet To Protect Feminists

so i won’t be able to call Sarkeesian or Quinn liars?

“Professional victim” :rofl: is this a parody

Yes let’s censor the Internet for Thot’s like Zoe Quinn…


Women make up approx. 50% of the population. Surely there are other more marginalised and smaller minority groups out there!

Can we get a credible news story to confirm this? Times, CNN, shit, even the Tahoe Times.

There’s something hilarious about this.

IN any professional setting, anybody with dyed hair would be laughed right out.

Why is anybody listening to these whore’s? This needs to die like the cancer that it is. Thanks Feminism, this is why nobody likes you.l

Raz0r asks for a credible source and Pertho uses Polygon. ><

Here is their press release: http://www.unwomen.org/en/news/stories/2015/9/cyber-violence-report-press-release

CNN credible?? lol too funny

Hey guys… remember that “GamerGate” thing none of you bothered to research, and almost got half of GD banned over, and several threads closed because no one was smart enough to put Ass Crimson on ignore?

Then, that Iantothemax idiot made that stupid ass front page story condemning the entire FGC because one trans-jabroni got their confused feelings hurt?

These are the people it was created to stand against, and now they’re trying to police not just games and movies, but the entire intenet… :coffee:

Cyber violence?

Cyber, fucking, violence?

Is this really the fucking world we live in, where pointing out the lies of a basic ass bitch trying to destroy your fucking hobby is harassment?

Fuck everyone involved in this meeting.

Tyler the creator said it best…

You shouldn’t honor that bastard who shall not be named by remembering him. And this sums out everyone who shitted on gamergate calling it a waste of time, or nerds crying because they want to keep T&A in videogames etc.


How the hell these these bitches get an audience with the UN? I doubt this will amount to a anything. Every plan to regulate the internet in any fashion has always resulted in failure.


How would anyone possibly enforce this?

Money… Lots and lots of money.

Why do people always have to greatly exaggerate the statements of feminists in order to counter them? I didn’t see much wrong with what was quoted in the OP’s post, until they tried to denounce everything as simply being criticism.

Ever wondered that perhaps feminism exists because of the kind of reaction here towards anything that defends women’s rights?