Unable to Adapt

First let me just say, the 50 post requirement for the other forum is fucking ridiculous, how am i supposed to post something that is general about SF4 if i cant post there? So im posting it here since it vaguely has to do with sagat.


I am a long time SSF2T player, not HDR, i come from oldschool.

I used to main boxer with ryu as an alt. I could win just fine in SSF2T.

So SF4 is released.

I decide to pick the most obvious character to choose as my main, boxer. Since im already familiar with him, shouldn’t be too difficult.

That never worked out, i learned all of the new combos and everything, i learned all the new basics, didnt work out.

So i said ok. Let me try ryu.
Tryed playing ryu.
Let me tell you, never again.
Fireball traps dont work anymore? seriously wtf? Ryu just doesnt do it for me.

So i decided to try sagat.
Sagat plays the closest to his SF2 counterpart than anyone else.
That still hasnt been working out. Its better, im just about to hit G1 now with sagat. But as soon as i get someone who actually knows how to play, i cant win. I just cant.

So, let me ask you guys. Is there anyone here who can teach me how to play SF4 like SF4, and not like SF2? I cant seem to adapt to this game. Im looking for a sparring partner with Xbox Live to teach me how to adapt. Or if someone cant do that. Is there like an SF4 equivilent to Sirlin’s SSF2T tutorial vid on youtube? or maybe A video for people like me?

Any help would be appreciated.

SF4 plays closer to SF2 then any other iterations. Zoning is king in this game.

I agree, the 50 post requirement is retarded. Good thing I’m spamming so this is my 50th post so now I can post there, yay.

But anyways, what do you mean fireball traps and zoning isn’t working for you? You have to try reading your opponent a little. Shoot a fireball or two when you think/know he’s not going to jump. And then antiair when he does. If he gets really close, do a blocked string or a poke ending with a fireball to push him back and continue zoning.

I know what you mean by fireball traps. Nah there’s other traps in the game, but they revolve around frame advantage. Sagat has great ones and they are all super safe. To be honest with you, just play a shit load. It comes down to experience. This game is less about speed / execution and more about match up experience and mind fucking your opponent.

But if you want to play a sf2 style game, def go ryu.

throw fireballs, dp jump ins. get the knock down. Give them an over head into sweep. grab them on wake up. Do nothing on next wake up, let them do a dumb move. punish with forward fierce punch into srk cancel ex fireball. Stun… lvl 3 focus… ultra. Ryu is great