Unable to load state?

I get into a room with someone and start the game, but then it gives me a “unable to load state” error and we’re not connected.

For which game? What are your pings, using what emulator?

Possibly under any circumstance your rom is corrupted, try replacing it.


This has happened to me quite a few times, especially when trying to play 3rd Strike using Mame Plus Plus .0117 and up.

What you can do to resolve the error is:

Go to the options menu, select “reset to default”, check all the check boxes, hit ok.

Now go to options > default game options > left pane > display and turn on automatic frame skipping, at the least. You’ll also want to set your display options to how they were (since they were just defaulted).

Under the controllers listing in the left pane, you’ll want to check “enable joystick input” or else you won’t be able to use your gamepad/stick.

When you run the game, you’ll have to hit tab and go to Input (This Game), you might have to re-set the directional inputs for your pad/stick. This didn’t happen every time I reset the options to default, but it may happen for you.

Tell anyone you play who is getting the same error to follow the same process, and you should be able to play them.

Hope this helps.

If you put a new MAME++ in the same folder as an old one, the new one will start to give you that error.

Solution: Make a new folder for new MAMEs

if none of those still went, try to go in ur nvram folder, and pcb and delete the files. should work again.