Unable to play. Search again?


Does anybody know what this message means? It drives me crazy when i find a good connection online in SFIV, only to get this message. Why cant I play them? Sometimes it happens to players that i have played in the past. Why cant I play them now!?


I usually get this message when the player is using fight request instead of opening a lobby. It could be that while he’s in arcade mode he’s at a loading screen or a part that he needs to wait till he can pair up with you.


Yeah, sometimes it’s because they’re in a loading screen in fight request… other times it’s because the sf4 netcode sucks.


I usually just have fight request enabled on arcade mode. that always finds matches for me


I never even considered that the error was from someone being in a loading screen. Now I’ll try to be a bit more patient with that! Great info.


it’s either a loading screen or they are in fight request and have their game paused (after a few moments you can’t get paired up anymore) because they are afk.