Unbalance on the AI of CPU

recently I am enjoy watching CPU vs CPU on versus mode.

but I find chars’ AI are kind of unbalance even if I choose hardest level.

after test, I find that the weakest AI are El Fuerte and Dhalsim.
this two just have no chance when versus other chars’ AI.

and the weakest AI on female chars seems to be Sakura.

I am using the PC version.

does these unbalance of AI also happen on ps3 or x360?

if SSF4AE has update in the future, will Capcom fix AI balance?

The AI is fairly stupid even on hardest and yes, it’s very imbalanced. I imagine that it wouldn’t be any different in the console versions.

In any case, I doubt Capcom would bother doing anything about it. It’s not much of a priority for them.

Cammy is hands down the hardest AI.

What AI lacks in intelligence it makes up for in reaction speed, perfect execution, and sometimes outright cheating (Boss Akuma/Seth/Gouken/Oni shenanigans)