Unban Fubarduck!

Look fubar never said your tornament is worthless and to ban anyone just because they were critcal of your tournament is wrong, i suppose if someone really trashed talked your tournament just cause and said some really nasty things about the staff ok ban the guy. but all fubar did was try and warn people of what probably seemed to be a unpredictable and unchangable situation.

so what if he rushed to the forums, i wouldnt have really thought talking to you guys would have done much good. plus its pretty simple, 480i does not play on a device that displays in anything higher than 480i without some hardware scaling. and theres an entire faq in the tech talk section that has been there since Last year this month 7/05 http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=94426

how was he suppose to know you guys would be able to accomodate 20 new tvs overnight for the event. when has something like this been done in the past or even seem fesible, never! so i think he acted with what he though was the right thing to do. warn people that have not left yet that EVO EAST was in reality going to be the laggiest real time tournament ever.

also you guys claimed you tested it, when there shouldnt of even been a test. it will take hardware processing time for the game to display 480i at 720p or 1080p
of course youd never notice on a dvd or a slow game. also since cvs2 has varible speeds probably wasnt the best game to test. although i dont play it, i feel that would leave room for error. and you must of had a scrub test it, although im probably wrong about that, atleast i hope.

bottom line, it should of just been known that hdtvs = no good for fighters. except doa which is output at the correct resolution. And i and alot of other people understand fubars response, UNBAN FUBAR!

hopefully one day arcade tournaments will come back and problems like this will not exsist, that maybe as false as beliveing there is a god but hey anything is possible.

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dude, he didn’t do anything wrong, he doesn’t deserve to be banned. just because he didn’t do the ‘RIGHT’ thing in YOUR mind doesn’t mean he necessarily did something wrong. he felt like informing everyone that was making a huge commitment to travel to CT that the setups were unplayable and it was a wack situation. This place is turning into a totalitarian communist no free speech zone of gayness. btw, i don’t think he ever called the tournament ‘worthless’, just poorly planned. they should just call this place communist changalang-chong china.

Lets not make the same mistake twice, everyone involved is at evo east, not here, maybe they are talking it out, maybe they are fighting it out, either way when next week comes, things can be sorted out, until then there is nothng that can be accomplished other than arguing between ourselves about people that aren’t here.

Evo probably should have known that HDTVs = not good for fighters, and they had to live with the consquences, which included getting and setting up a bunch of tvs in the middle of the night so the players could play properly.

At the same time, the players should know that running to an internet forum and telling people the tournament is going to be random, the results meaningless, etc… all while the staff is fixing it = no good for tournaments, and that obviously results in futher issues.

The good news is that it was taken care of apparantly and the tournament seems to be lag free, as to what happened last night, nothing new will happen with that until A) someone from the event says so, or B) next week after everyone gets back.

ok fmj, your right im not there, so i dont know whats going on, and maybe running to the forum first would of been no good, and if the staff said they could fix it i suppose i wouldnt have posted. had i been there. anyways hopefully the ban situation will be worked out. fubarduck is the best poster alive, click on search and then click advanced search and then go to the feild serch post by username and type in “fubarduck” and its like reading the bible from there. holy material.

i agree.

fubarduck is is actually one of the more “not useless” motherfuckers on this site.

the guy has done so much to help around here that banning him would be a damn travesty…

and i find it amazing that fubarduck gets banned for one incident, yet DSP (not that im hating) has been doing this shit for years and hes still around.

Fubarduck was in a fucking KSK ranbat. That alone should keep him from being banned (insert random Japanese fanboy comment here). He knows his 3S…knows the community and shouldn’t be banned cuz of some bullshit that you guys started. I can understand deleting his post and sending him a PM letting him know that what he did was unnecessary but…that’s what I like about SRK. You guys are ready to hit the ban button faster than Micheal J. Fox.

At least show the man some respect for trying to inform people of a dire situation in the tournament. I mean…everyone knows by now that HDTV’s don’t work with PS2 fighters. You’d think the people at EVO themselves would know this. Again…this is just more fluid to add to the fire but still…

DSP has been ‘permbanned’ several times, if your claiming its unequal. I think it’s way too premature to say that someone will never ever be on again, as you have pointed out, it’s not always the case.

For all i know fubar could be having breakfast with srk staff discussing his comeback tour, or he could be preparing picket signs for his 3s matches on stage preparing for a txsf revolution, or anything in between.

When this happened there were many people from around the country that were not fully aware of what was going on and why, and i could easily see them making similar mistakes, and some already have, or were about to before someone else informed them.

unban fubar, enough said…


yall need to get off that dudes dick. He straight went online and said (paraphrase) dont come to evo east. Im here, the shit is a failure.
Thats outright sabotage. TREASON! Punishable by hanging fools!

But seriously, you guys would not even be all up in here if it was random guy who did the same thing and got banned. You’re telling people to make allowances just because he is a useful member of the community. Don’t you realize when you start making exceptions across the board your system will crumble?

Main argument I hear is that what he did wasn’t “right in their eyes”, or “he was just trying to inform people”. Let me tell you why this is stupid. If he had actually cared about the event (and he should because he is such an invaluable member of the community right), It would have been in everyone’s best interest to go talk to staff. Why would you, finding a problem, instead of trying to actually FIX it, just go create more? It hadn’t even started yet, there was plenty of time to fix things, but he did not try to fix them.
"How was he supposed to know tv’s were coming over night?"
He couldn’t have, as a matter of fact I don’t even really think that would have happened had this whole shit not happened, BUT, the simple answer is, the way for him to know was to GO TALK TO STAFF. The shit is pure immature, like he was looking for attention or something.

Did you guys really think that nothing would happen for that? I wouldn’t. He’s banned now, cmon guys, its a fricking ban. What else could srk do? They didn’t even redcard him from evo, so it shows that their actions are not especially evil. People come back from bans all the time.

p.s. Im not involved in anyway, Im just like damn I can’t believe the stupid shit people are saying. Sounds like fubar coulda shot someone and you guys would be like BUT HE POSTS SO MUCH USEFUL INFO, DONT LET HIM GO TO JAIL. Had it been random guy, or like, say someone most you hate like Jamie Austin, I wonder what this thread would look like.

p.p.s. The very existence of this thread kinda illustrates how bad it was that he did that imo. Being as how he has half of srk riding from his dick, Im sure people really wouldn’t have gone to evo east because of his post. I know for a fact people decided not to go because of that, and that really would make it a failure. Why you wouldn’t go talk to staff is beyond me.

Finally, I realize fubar hasn’t really elaborated his side of the story since he’s gone, I’m not trying to say he’s a bad guy, I think he’s just a swell guy (no homo), but this was simply a poor choice of actions. He had the decision to A) try to fix a problem or B) try to create more. Sorry B was the wrong choice.

i think you’re misinterpreting what we’re saying. We’re saying the ban is just ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if it was fubarduck who got banned, anyone that got permanently banned just becoz of their considerably minor insensitive, and illogical and unhelpful post does not deserve to be PERMANENTLY BANNED. People has said a lot worser things than this, and still doesn’t get banned. The action of resulting to such extremes for such a minor incident is uncalled for. It is only after this FACT, that we also add that FUBAR is a nice guy who contributes a lot to the community.

Such a small marginal error made on the spurr of the moment does not need to be responded by such extreme measures. Minor ban, we can tolerate, but permanent ban is ridiculous. Additionally WHAT THE FUCK DOES PERMANENTLY BANNING HIM GOTTA HELP WITH THE SITUATION!? A simple, “fubar, EVERYTHING IS OK NOW. WE HAVE 20 tv’s that don’t lagg. Please post that everything is ok.” SOLVED. Getting him permanently banned only presents to us viewers that you are more involved about your integrity than the actual community. And that you’re merely punishing those who you SUSPECT is insulting it.

We’re not saying it is easy for the staff of evo, and we all know it is hard when someone says the tournament is a failure. But in all honesty, i for one do not believe his post was a direct insult to the staff of evo that they are crap and stupid. He was just plain stating the fact that it would most probably be a failure becoz the tournament had laggy tv’s. He was as such, expressing his personal entitled opinion on the forums. These things happen and will continue to happen. But this is not the way to deal with it…

i want to also add here that we the community fully DO appreciate what the evo staff has done, and we know it is not EASY to make the correct decisions all the time, including what happened with fubar. I hope this becomes a learning experience for both parties, the tournament holders and the tournament players. Seriously, fubar is entitled to his comment, however i also agree next time, he, and all of us should instead help the organizers and act like a team, instead of thinking that the organizers should do everything right and just whine. Whining doesn’t do anything, and punishing the whining just makes it even worse…

anyway, that is all i want to say. And yes, unban fubar… ^-^

I second that. Yeah running tournaments is hard, heck I’ve had to run about 2 taekwondo tournaments awhile back and that shit is hard, but I really don’t think banning him is the way to go though…

agreed. They are looking to make this a successful event that they can have every year. Finding one possible problem with it and running to tell people so they don’t goto Evo East is clearly not what they wanted. What if no one showed up to Evo East now? All because 1 person that decoded to run to his hotel room to turn on his computer, get online, goto srk’s website and posting a topic that would cause people to not goto the event. I mean seriously, think about it. How much more work was it to do that, when he easily could have saught out the Cannons at the event and told them about the problem and demonstrated it for them so they can see how serious it is.

All these problems because one person overreacted.

whats that story? evo east had HDTVs, it lagged, furbur said this is gay and told everyone to leave so he got banned?

Did he get banned from evo east and evo vegas or from srk?

All this drama over such a small thing. everyone should just mind thier own business.

Chaotic Blue

Yeah…it’s not a matter of who got banned…it’s a matter of the fact that his posting privileges shouldn’t be taken away just because he was out to let people know that Evo didn’t plan shit right and it won’t be worth going down to. Which isn’t surprising considering how this whole qualifier shit got started up to begin with. Changing dates and locations n shit. No wonder…

Any ways…I don’t know how the fuck Jamie Austin got put up into the matter cuz I don’t (at this time any ways) have any issues with Jamie. I met Jamie and a local tournament and I can’t say I had any problems in getting initiated with her. Oh and you are right…if it was some random fuck that didn’t do anything for the community then yeah you might as well ban them. Just don’t put someone who actually contributes through the effort of having to find a new email address and set up another account. That’s just messed.

Fuck…just closed this damned topic so no one else realizes what a screw up this shit is.

I cosign as well in unbanning Fubarduck, if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have my first set of Sanwa buttons for my HRAP1.

This is seriously ridiculous. The man was trying to save people the trouble of wasting time and money… Unban him.

if fubar isn’t around in the GD girl/relationship help thread, i will never get laid. :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:

Just because someone contributes doesn’t mean they should be allowed to break rules.

I’ve seen people get by for worse; I feel the post was borderline at worst. A temporary ban perhaps would be suitable.