Unblockable character variations

ive recently picked up urien and things are going well with his unblockables except i have a hell of a time doing the corner one on certain characters namely dudley, hugo, q. is my execution really that off or am i supposed to make certain allowances for them? now i can hit the unblockable but i cant hit it to where to where i can get the cr. fp. now i figure the large characters are a problem straight off and dudley gets up quickly so no surprise there. However aside from the shotos, makoto, chun li, and rarely oro, i cant seem to get behind the character to break thier guard early enough. now i cant honestly play urien if i cant be consistent with the entire cast. i tried the other threads and everything was explained really well, but no one seemed to touch on character specifics. if someone knows of an old thread go ahead and to me it. I couldnt find any though. any help is greatly appreciated.

Certain characters juggle differently(thus some of the unblockable setup’s don’t work.). I’m not a urien expert, so you’re going to have to wait for someone to tell you what you should do.

I am a new Urien playa also, and I am having trouble setting up certain unblockables on particular characters too. Dudly, Yang and other smaller characters. Seems I am not able too do the wake-up (the one where you knock them down, call out the reflector and unleash hell) unblockable set up.

I am playing around with different settups, but they are mostly not garrauranteed, or too random to be any good. I too want to know if anybody knows of different variations too use on the said problem characters.

watch a lot of RX videos, drool, and practise hehe