Unblockable Dive Kick

I apologize i did get this up to you all sooner i had surgery on my knee and was unable to do anything but this unblockable works against el fuerte, fei long, guy and akuma (kind of). The reason why i said kind of for Akuma is because if the opponent guesses that its a cross up it WONT cross up and therefore he can block it. Ill show a video where Ill explain it for Akuma. I also think this works against the entire roster just have to change up the timing…but thats another day. ENJOY!!!


Next up is Unblockable Tatsu

if you like the video or if it works for you please give me a thumbs up on youtube!

Good shit. You’re like the Kwai Chang Caine of the ER forums.

Gonna hit the lab and try it. Hopefully we can combo from it.

Thanks… I had to Google! that Kwai Chang Caine lol and if Im right he is a kung fu master!!! Oh well try it out, but i will have to explain it on akuma tho