Unblockable explanation?

sorry again if there was already a thread on this, i tried looking since the beginning of the threads but no luck.

so why is it unblockable? the computer blocks all of mine when im in training mode, or is that just because its the computer? because humans dont block mine most of the time

the setup i use in mid screen is c.hp, mk tacklexxhp aegis, hk tackle charge down in middle of hk tackle, dash, charge, mp headbutt, dash, f+mk. the comp blocks it but humans sometimes get hit. can someone please explain?

Reflector hits ->
You hit <-

Therefore, unblockable.

The computer cheats.

OR you could change your console version’s guard settings from New to Old.

This is why.
Technically, it IS blockable. In order to block it though, you have to block the right direction at the right time.
The Aegis reflector doesn’t hit every frame, so technically if you let go of block between each time the current attack box goes away and then block before the next attack box opens, then you can. This is the same for blocking the other direction as well.
If the Aegis is hitting me from one side and an Toward Forward from Urien is hitting me from the other, as long as you go to a natural state (like red parrying) before blocking the other direction, you can block it.
The only time it that it is turely unblockable is if both attack boxs from both the Aegis and Uriens attack are present at the sametime. This is practically impossible unless Uriens attack is Meatyed (which generally is). So why can the CPU block it anyway even if it is meatyed? I dont fucken know.
Also want to say that this is practically impossible for humans to even do, hands can’t move that fast.

To put it simply, you can’t block two stances at once. High and low, or backward and forward. When someone attempts to atack both stances at once, you can’t block both, so it is unblockable.

On the computer subject, it’s just a glitch. There a quite a few training glitches so just ignore it. If you try it in versus it will work as long as the guard judgement is on old.

oh alright, thanks guys, and yeah the guard mode was on old :tup: . appreciate the replies.