Unblockable Guide

The Best setup in my opinion:

Wolverine’s dive kick coupled with Wesker’s samurai edge is just so potent. You should look at unblockable setups like Makoto’s command grab: use it often and you WILL get killed, use it smartly and it will benefit you.

The best times to use it:

Against Sentinel or Nemesis because of their size. But don’t think it only works on them, it’s viable against the WHOLE cast.

After a fatal claw combo. Ie, when the opponent is tech rolling as they’ll wake up into it. Call the gun as they stand and then dive kick.

Other Setups with Wolverine:

Akuma Demon Flip.

This has a slower start up compared to Wesker’s gun. But this allows for better space control and great punishing situations, as your opponent has to do something against Akuma’s dive kick.

Example: call the assist, wait for your opponent to chicken block (blocking high to avoid the setup) then perform a berserker slash, they HAVE to guess, and if they guess wrong the slash will hit and the demon flip will cause a ground bounce. BFF, huh? Or just jump up with them and air throw.

If they don’t chicken block and turtle:

Dive kick when the demon flip hits, as it counts as an overhead.

If they standing or neutral guard:

Low attack. Eg, crouching L.

After one character has died:

Berserker slash whatever way you wish, but make sure the demon flip is active.

C Viper Burn Kick:

The burn kick is just cruel with an instant dive kick. To perform the instant dive kick:

note the instant dive kick will work with any of the setups listed here.

Super jump and immediately press down and H, if performed currently, you’ll see the super jump wind but you won’t super jump obviously, LOL. SF4 Viper or Makoto players will find this easy.

Ideally you want the burn kick to hit them first and then dive kick, if performed correctly, you’ll still be able to combo after they have both hit. If not, work on your timing.

And of course the berserker slash, call assist on incoming characters still works well here.

Fun Stuff With Chris:

On an incoming character lay his H grenade multiple times, call any of the assists listed above and then enjoy a free combo! This is best used against advancing guard spammers.

Any low hitting assist coupled with a high attack will create an unblockable situation, think Combofiend when using She Hulk’s assist with Spencer’s zip line.

I do believe that there’s only three high hitting assists, being Akuma’s demon flip, Viper’s burn kick and Nova’s centurion rush. But there are characters with low hitting assists such as Wesker, Felicia, Deadpool and She Hulk. So feel free to build your team with any one of those said characters. Ever had that moment where your opponent was blocking everything? Perhaps this will give you a new away to approach your opponent and it’s a great surprise attack.

Dirty Tricks With Dante:

It’s that same incoming character mixup again. Do the acid rain, call Viper’s assist, teleport and let the magic begin, literally.

Twisted Jago’s Unblockable:

Trish round harvest, raw tag into Dante, call Wesker’s gun and then hammer with Dante as the gun hits. I think you can advance guard this.

(You can substitute Dante for Akuma and do his demon flip whilst calling a low assist.)

Trish Space Control With A Twist:

If you have your opponent in the corner lay both traps, call Viper’s or Akuma’s assist and then dive kick. It works the same as the Wolverine setup. Watch out that your trap doesn’t reset your opponent.

For my fellow Viper Players:

Do LMH (when pressing H call the Akuma assist.) Thunder Knuckle, cancel it on hit and then feel free to pressure or hit your opponent as they’ll probably be blocking.

That same tactic can be applied with X-23’s Mirage Feint Cancel. (MFC.) Once again do LMH, hit the high/low assist button when pressing H, MFC and continue to pressure.

Zero Shenanigans:

Same as X-23’s and Viper’s.

LMH >H, when you hit H hit the high/low assist, when you press forward and H input a teleport and get a free combo.

Tri Dash Characters:

This applies to all of them, even Thor.

Tri dash high, call the high/low assist and then press S or H (?)

The Shoto Brothers:

Ryu air tatsu, call the low assist and then keep on comboing. Chris G uses this with Ryu and Wesker. It obviously works with Akuma too.

Uhh all of this is like, eons old (the stuff that actually works anyway, tl;dr).

And you know dive kick/tatsu are NOT overheads, right?

Dive kick isn’t an overhead…


Just to be clear, I meant that the demon flip dive kick counts as an overhead.

But I guess that not being clear disregard’s everything I said?

And you guys have heard of all the setups discussed? I’ll GUARANTEE that you haven’t.


“TLDR.” But you manage to have an opinion, fantastic. The ASSIST called demon flip is an overhead, that’s why you can’t block it.

After I read that part I stopped reading cuz I don’t see what’s so potent about that. It makes it look like you think his dive kick is an overhead (considering this is the unblockable thread).

Sure as hell seems like you’re talking about wolverine.



Does my opinion not matter? As if you had cared to read on you’d see that I said ‘in my opinion.’ But to carry on. If your opponent is in a standing position then they will get hit by the gun, but if they crouch block and advance guard the gun will hit them, you’re right in that it’s misleading as I make the Wolverine dive kick sound like an overhead, when it isn’t, but that’s why you have the option of using the demon flip assist, which does count as an overhead.


Initally I am, but I discuss other setups too.

You can crouch block, advance guard and block the gun shot, this is no where near unblockable, and more like a broken blockstring to bait mashing advance guarders, but it is silly thought to mash in blockstrings since you are against Wolverine. However, while not unblockable, it is still covering up Wolverine already save dive kick, force low blocking to open up for some instant overhead against big baddies.

Real unblockables may include a low hitting assist with an actual high hitting move, or Viper’s and FireBrand’s Unblockable attacks.

Generally Akuma Tatsu is still an excellent assist, but I can understand why and how some team may put a greater use with the Demon Dive Kick.

an unblockable i use for my secondary team consists of jill/dante pressure with she-hulk torpedo assist.


  1. They can block the Burn Kick
  2. [details=Spoiler]


And yes, I’ve heard of all of the setups except for the ones that very clearly do not work. Namely, Ryu’s air tatsu, Dante teleport with Viper assist, Wolverine’s dive kick with Samurai edge, Wolverine’s dive kick with Viper assist, Spencer zipline with She-Hulk assist (99% sure that Spencer’s air grapple is not an overhead) Trish/Wolverine divekick with Viper assist, Chris’s H grenade “trap” gets killed by advancing guard; Chris gets pushed all the way to freakin’ Ethiopia and the overhead assist just gets blocked.Trish’s Round Harvest tag out is NOT affected by advancing guard if you do it at all well. Probably missed some.

Essentially the only thing in here what was right was the one with tri-dashers. Which yes, I knew about.

What I have learned from this thread:

  1. Wolverine’s Dive Kick is an overhead that generates unblockables
  2. Magic, literally.

uh, this IS the “unblockable” thread, right? not the “mixups and staggered blockstrings lots of people have been doing since Vanilla” thread? I love SRK, literally. <3

I’m sorry everybody, I’ve failed you ALL.

You’re right about the Wolverine/Trish dive kick with Viper burn kick and Akuma dive kick assist, I’ll give you that. But if they choose to go low with the burn kick assist or dive kick assist, you won’t block it. Test it out. Having realised two high attacks won’t make
an unblockable, I feel EXTRA special now.

And I’ll be back with a video to further highlight my stupidity, LITERALLY.

Love you all. Xx

when long posts don’t work, make a video. good shit OP

Lol I skipped over damn near everything in your post after you said divekick+gun was an unblockable. The tatsu thing jus happened to catch my eye.

You get points for trying though, I guess.

In this thread: scrub does not know what “unblockable” means, then backpedals.