Unblockable help



can some1 please tell me how this works? some1 had explained it to me like this…

as the opponent is jumping in, you can c.hp and if u time it when they land in the beam as it thins out, it’s unblockable.

i’m not sure, but is there any videos or more detailed explainations i can have?


k let me try to clarify the great/cheap thing the unblockable is

if you notice sometimes when you do the mouth laser(mouth laser will be referred to as spit from this point on) it hits twice for no apparent reason. This is random.

the unblockable can be setup severals way but the best way to set up the unblockable is after you kill a character with sent.

As the character is coming in, you dash as close as you can to them, but stay outside their range so that they cannot hit you. Then you do a ducking spit (down and fierce punch). you do it way early, so that the bulk of the laser misses the character but the very last bit touches the character as they are coming in, and it hits the character in two direction simultaneously( up and down if i remember correctly). either way the laser becomes unblockable.

the easiest character to do the unblockable on that you will usually see in gameplay is psylocke. Closely followed by magnus. The unblockable is free on these two since they can’t get out. the unblockable is hardest on sent. Cause his sprite is so big.

Cable- never do the unblockable on cable unless he has no bars, or you know for sure that the person you are playing does not know how to get out. (to get out cable can just come in with fierce punch and then super you for free). that’s why cable is da man.

ways to practice the unblockable. The unblockable is a skill you need to master. I have won entire matches because of that shit. Best way to practice is to have a friend sit there with you and you snap him out with sent and then you try it. You cannot put the computer in all guard mode, cause the computer will cheat and block both sides.

that’s why the unblockable is so hard to get good at.

there are also several other setups you can use during gameplay, but that is another topic.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


so does this mean that the unblockable is random?


No the unblockable is not random, its just a glitch, it can be controlled just like the guard break. You can do it everytime. Once you get used to most character’s fallin speed you can adjust your mouth laser accordingly…earlier for fatter chars and later for slimmer character


so some1 using juggz would be an earlier one, and some1 using storm will be a bit later.

what happens with storm? can she aduf or adf, and lightening storm my ass?


ah yes storm, i almost forget. Storm is the most broken p.o.s in mvc2. storm gets out of the unblockable for FREEEEEEEEEEEE!:frowning:

that slutty whore…she can just float which makes it impossible to get the unblockable on her.

you can do the unblockable only if she doesn’t float.


charlie goblyn here:

nice to see that people are actually apreciating this crap that team az found out… even saw that shit done at mwc by big names like ricky, sin and jose g…

one thing u need to know tho…

almost every character can get out of this… yes mag and psylocke are included…

the characters that can most easily get out are… storm, cable, doom and iron man… everyone can honestly get out… u just need ta find the right move…

ne whos…




well, i can see any1 with an air stall (cable/storm/ironman/doom/etc) and any1 with an air dash prolly can too… alright… i’ll still work on it though. right now, the biggest challenge i got at the arcade is a shitty sdcc team (strider/doom/capcom). he can’t double jump for shit, and he really sucks. i’m playing two teams for the little tourney that’s on monday…


i just need to work on my sent a bit, and i will own this tourney.

too bad i can’t own a real tourney… i got like 57th place at a big one… i forget, but it was last year sometime. that’s shit, since there was 75 people there.


I’ve watched Mixup do this alot and this is what I gather from it

Every move in MvC2 has a hitbox. Rocket Punch has a solid, definable hitbox - it’s the fist, at any point in the movement, not including the wire. It’s a clear cut hitbox - fist in hits you, fist out nothing.

The spit actually has a very strange hitbox, because it doesn’t come in and come out definably. It dissolves. The hitbox actually doesn’t exist while the animation is still going, but the hitbox is actually the entire animation for the beam. The beam can hit you from within any point of the animation for it, unlike Rocket Punch (because only the fist hits, not the wire behind it). So the animation for the beam is the hitbox. The problem is, the beam is not supposed to hit you as it’s dissolving. Therein lies the problem - beam is the hitbox, but the beam isn’t supposed to be the hitbox after a certain point.

The reason why this doesn’t work while you’re on the ground is simple. Block stun. But in the air, if Sent whiffs it, it never connects and never puts you in block stun. So near the tail end of the beam, the hitbox is screwing up trying to eliminate itself with the animation dissolving, so that puts your character sprite falling down in a “confused block state.” You’ll see your character actually start twitching because it’s jumping in and out of block animation. Somehow, it opens up your character to a free hit before they hit the ground again, ala guard break, but I am pretty certain it works differently from guard break - if you actually have the beam connect with the falling opponent, it fucks up the unblockable and they go into block stun in the air. So, naturally, you can’t actually ever hit them with the beam.


nicely put


What moves do they do? Because usually I do the unblockable with Capcom AAA at the same time and it combos. If they do a move, they get hit by Capcom anyway.


Yeah but wouldn’t that send them flying? Kinda defeats the whole point of the unblockable.


no…you do Low Beam + Cap assist into rocket punch, into the drone super, then combo of choice. They don’t fly in the air when they get hit by the rocket punch.

suppose they just try to do a move and just get hit by cap? well, they are still stuck in the corner against sent which is of course sentinal’s favorite position

or depending on the character, you could just go for another unblockable after they get hit by cap lol.


yeah, i use a ground combo that goes like this

dash in, c.lk, s.lp, assist w/ capcom + rocket punch, then HSF. as long as the rocket punch lands right after the capcom assist, it still works, and links into HSF. Then of course you can dash and launch that shit.

Oh, btw, the sent unblockable isn’t really as easy to get out of as it seems. We do the unblockable to cable, but only if they have 1 or less meters. Cuz if cable has 1 meter comin in, he aint gonna use it to bust you. Unless of course it would kill him. If he does bust it, and wastes his last meter, you can stomp cable down like row stompin a scrub.


I’m not so much worried about its use on incoming characters (which totally sucks) but more frightened of it when used in the corner combos. One hit by Sentinel in the combo these days really will kill your full life character. And then unblockable again (if possible) on the incoming character… and you’ve just wasted your money trying to play. At least when you get hit by Magneto you actually screwed up your blocking at some point. :\

The unblockable in the middle of the screen after combos or to target people coming down from jumps is also particularly evil.

I’ll be doing okay or winning in a game, but once the unblockable hits me, it’s lights out game over. :mad:

I was playing around today using Sent/Blackheart and noticed that it seems like you can unblockable your opponent as they’re descending from getting hit by Blackheart’s assist (I did this about ~10 times). That combined with the Sent/Blackheart trap (with the “new” ability to punish normal jump attempts to get out of it with an attempted unblockable (followed by Fly/Unfly)) kinda breathed a little life into this old team.

Since they’re in fall recovery at that point, the unblockable counts as the first hit (resetting damage). I believe I’ve seen this kind of thing done before with Cyclops, but he tends to knock people a little far away.


hmm i guess i just have to get the timing of the mouth blast down right. I seen it done in the UCLA trailer but i can’t get the timing down right.everytime i do it the mouth blast just misses -_-.


Why is Magneto so easy to get in the unblockable? Couldn’t Magneto just go into flight before he gets in the range of the unblockable, then cancel out of it, or even fly up to avoid a rocketpunch and then get out of flight?


Phylocke is easy to get too. Eeryone in the game falls different, so it’s wierd for certain characters.

Unblockable Timing? Think of it as a meaty attack.
Just keep doing the beam extremly early until you can make them land on the last part. And don’t cancel the unblochable into anything accept rocket punch.