Unblockable no Hado: Ryu Unblockables


Dirty? Peerhaps. To be used? Yes >: )

I agree with Komatik, which is why I voted Yes.


Lol, but with Gen its considered a dirty tactic lol


Ryu jump fierce is so fucking ambiguous, makes me wanna main Ryu lol!

Unblockables are defiantly a dirty tactic, that’s why they are so sick.


Works on shotos, some other chars. Notice that if you try to block it as a x-up the jabs won’t combo from the j.lk.

First part shows it’s unblockable
Second shows that it can’t be reversal DP’d
Third shows that it can auto-correct DP’d
Fourth shows that cr.mk can be used to dodge it (also close st.mk, but you will get hit by the jabs)
Last part shows how to block it (duck for a split second, then block as x-up. Doing a fireball motion is the easiest for me)

It is possible to beat it with a 4f move, but you have to duck for at just the right moment which causes the j.lk to whiff, and then you can beat the jab. Oh, forgot to record that you can also forward dash underneath it.

The tricky part is that you can change your timing/spacing to make it really hard for the opponent to choose the correct defensive option because it still looks ambiguous even though it won’t be unblockable any longer.

so true

A win is a win.

To block an unblockable:

On the first frame of your rise have your stick in a [neutral / forward / downforward / down / downback / back] position and on the second frame again choose one of those possible options. Sometimes canceling your fuzzy guard with a frame-perfect crouching normal will also avoid the setup. I believe one of these things should always work.

I think unblockables are awesome. Basically if your opponent is frame/positioning-perfect, your only escape is frame-perfect as well. For characters with good reversals, they may also be able to SRK or something on the 2nd frame after choosing the correct frame-1 answer.

Many unblockables occur because guarding in various directions actually changes your hitbox (sometimes making it bigger than neutral), especially when the opponent isn’t hitting your fuzzy guard on frame 1 but instead would first connect with you on frame 2. When that happens, you might be walking for 1 frame under your opponent instead of guarding, again changing your position. If you try to crouch and you get hit in the crouching position, this IS happening.

Vega’s izuna vortex can be considered unblockable/unsrk-able when done perfectly, but you always have an option that at the very worse results in getting slashed instead of grabbed (if vega wants to grab you out of a low move that cancels your fuzzy guard, typically he will be too deep to avoid being SRK’d or being able to catch a backdash… After getting slashed and quick-rising, Vega can almost never set up the positioning perfectly on the second time around and you will have at least 1 option to beat-it/block-it/dash-it/crouch-it CLEAN the next time.

Spiral Arrow is the only safemode to escape that




Can somebody give me a link where I can figure out what is unblockable?


Thanks! Another tutorial serie to look at!

About this video (@20min) , Ken has two 4f DP which is Medium and EX.

after long hours in the lab (professor x style) I stumbled upon this, PURE GOLD!!! lol!

f.throw, slight step back, st.mp, j.mk

shoto unblockable. tricky timing.

thanks to your thread ,now i can play even dirtier than before :slight_smile: