Unblockable on Yun and Yang

This is Gold. Thanks!

That looks like a really small window to charge. Do you have to charge partition?

No, the throw animation duration is a perfectly ample time to charge a roll.

while playing against Yang, I wondered about one thing… his Byakko Soshoda (Palm) is a projectile attack, isn’t it? Nevertheless, when my opponent tried to hit me with it on a corner wake up, I used the ultra (both Mantis’ ones actually in different matches) and managed to land them even though the Palm was well timed. I don’t think it was the brief startup invincibility of the ultra… or was it? He wasn’t sticking to me but on a distance that should have made his Palm safe…

EDIT: never mind, it’s the startup invincibility…

Sorry to bump a moderately old thread but some kinda useful extra info.

If Yun decides to use his Genei-Jin, to make 1 frame pass (for which he is invulnerable) with the hope that he can then block it easily, with reversal timing and then HOLDS a direction then it is still hardblockable. It won’t help him in any way. Which is kinda, y’know, nice.

The same unblockable as on Sakura and Oni also works on Hakan.

Thanks, useful info :)!!