Unblockable? or not

My team uses Ghost rider on point along with a rapid slash vergil and a gun shot wesker.

To block the rapid slash is to walk forward (I think) since the slash is behind vergil, so if I was to do a Crouch H with ghost rider while the assist is on the way, would that garantee a hit from either the assist or the point character, with the rapid slash being a high attack and the whip coming in low?

rapid slash isn’t an overhead and the assist version doesn’t cross-up, so your opponent could just block low the entire time

Oh well, worth a try, at least its good keep away against characters with no projectiles, but someone with armor attacks like Nemesis or Hulk would probably hit vergil, but in exchange, I get a free combo, ghost rider only got so much, but everyone of them hurts a lot and rarely drops.

Cheers for the info