unblockable question

so i saw the tutorial for oro. i was just wondering can you do the unblockable in training mode? i think that im doing it right to ken but he still blocks. i got the xbox version and its set to old judgement rules. im reffering to the one when you do the chicken combo the sa2, dash twice jump over once then again hitting rh

Who really cares why? They just do

Only real way to find out, is to record the unblockable, and then try and escape it yourself.

Or if you just want to practice the timing, you might want to just switch blocking off. Don’t worry. We won’t tell :smiley:

Would someone mind telling me where to find this tutorial video? I want to learn oro so much I think it might help me.




is it on auto guard or all guard… if it’s all guard then it blocks anything that is possible to block… if it’s auto guard then you’re doing it wrong… and which one are you doing?.. the EX or the super?

its cool i can do it now lol… thx anyway

Wrong, the computer blocks it no matter what. Training mode’s full of guard glitches. Try it in vs mode and it will work.

^Never knew that. If it is indeed true.

that’s weird cause when i do it in training mode it hits them.

If you’re actually fighting the AI, chances are it’ll hit them as it leaves alowances to open it’s guard. But if you do it on auto guard it’ll just block it. It’s similar in the way that the computer can block half of Dudley’s EX MGB with no life, and how it’s guard weakens when it has no life. It’s just glitched to hell. Only way to truelly test an unblockable is to go into vs and have the oponent block (ie taping back down/have friend guard etc).

i can do it on auto guard so either my version is different from yours or something is wrong with yours.

Well I don’t know how, it’s the same with Uriens unblockables. I’ve read it everywhere aswell as experience it my self, so I don’t know how yours is different.

wtf. stick to makoto son