Unblockable Reset Infinite

Hey guys!
First post.
I came up with this a while ago but didn’t have the means to record at the time. Not sure if its been done or shown before so I thought I’d just drop it here.
Basically, using two high/low hitting assists together, you can create an infinite cycle of unblockable resets in the corner.
There are ways to get out of it, but if done correctly, blocking is not an option.
Let me know what you think.


You can get thrown on the second setup

Yep. Snapback and some supers work as well. But its a handy little reset if you don’t have much in the ways of meter and in the event that your opponent doesn’t figure any of that out during the match, you can just keep going. You can also use two low hitting assists, if you’re afraid of getting thrown.

I like the “unblockable reset” aspect of it, but “infinite” is eh.

I was just trying to show that, with the right assists, you can do this reset forever. You could have two low hitting assists if you want to remove the possibility of being thrown out of it. X-23, She-Hulk, and Deadpool all work very well with this too. Phoenix Wright is a little weird though since you have to reverse the inputs so you call the assist before you OTG.

And just as long as you got something out if it, that’s all that matters. Enjoy the reset!

I could try this with my Trish/Nova/Doom team. I already use Round Harvest to set up unblockables with Doom/Nova, so this should work too. Can the opponent tech roll forward after the OTG dash cancel?