Unblockable SAII

Yeah, the other thread was only targeting the EX.Projectile.

I’m really have a hard time to get this is work. I know its character spicific, and you have to use different versions (Jab, Stg, Frc) on different characters. Can someone give a indepth, character spicific explaination on how these work.

Random: and which characters doesn’t the Sc.Stg xx Chicken loops work on? I tryed it on the Twins and Hugo and it doesn’t work. Are there more?

I’m rushing through this post, so bear with the randomness plz.

Chun, Makoto: Jab Yagyou, dash 3 times.
Shotos: Strong Yagyou, dash 2 times.
Dudley: Fierce Yagyou, dash 1 time.
Necro: Jab Yagyou, dash 2 times.
Ibuki/Remy: Fierce Yagyou, dash 1 time, walk up a few pixels.

Experiment with different strengths and see what works best. You want to use up 5 juggle points before cancelling into Yagyou, and you want the Yagyou to hit only once before the opponent hits the ground.

Most common examples of using up 5 juggle points:

  • standard chicken combo
  • jump in chicken, 2-hit launch
  • 2-hit launch, walk up launch (first hit only)

Against CornerCross characters (except Akuma), you can subsitute a Roundhouse chicken for the Forward chicken in the chicken combo if you hit the corner. This will bounce the opponent out of the corner and allow you to finish off with launch xx Yagyou without worrying about the Yagyou leaving the screen by the time the opponent gets up.

The chicken combo works on everyone in the corner, including the twins and Hugo. It works on the twins midscreen if they are slightly off the ground when the first launch connects (eg. off a parried divekick). It won’t work on Hugo midscreen, but there’s a substitute combo in my random videos thread.

How about Alex & Yun/Yang

Ive been thinking about starting a thread like this for a while, ive been experimenting with the unblockables, and I cant seem to find one that works on urien. Any sure fire unblockable for him? Also, Ive been doing dudleys with a strong yagyou, whats the advantage to using fierce? Thanks in advance

IIRC Alex, Yun, and Yang are the same as Necro: Jab Yagyou, dash twice. I wouldn’t recommend using Yagyou against the twins in the first place because Tengu is much more versatile against them, but you have my blessing with Alex.

Sweet. I want to see more SA2 used, so I’m going to play it.
Thanks Jinrai.

There’s also a common and easy unblockable that works on Yun and Yang: [midscreen] close standing MP, cancel the 2nd hit into strong yagiou, jump forward+HK [hit them while airborne with the yagiou, 6hits], jump forward again to crossup them, wait for them to wakeup and hit at the same time with the last hit of the yagiou.

Ok, well I’ll try this one to. I need to get these down.

Grego: On Urien, try using Jab Yagyou, dash twice, and walk up a few pixels before jumping.

As for Dudley, the advantage of using Fierce is that it takes up less horizontal space on the stage. That way you’ll have less of a chance of hitting the corner and screwing up your setup. This doesn’t matter as much against Dudley since he can be crossed up in the corner anyway, but it’s important against Ibuki and Remy who can’t.

LEVA: If you got that one from Man of Gold, ditch it. It’s blockable unless you time a meaty crossup jumping Forward, and even if you go for the jumping Forward it can be parried easily. The best unblockable setup against the twins is 2-hit launch, walk up launch xx Jab Yagyou, dash twice. Or jump in air chicken, 2-hit launch xx Jab Yagyou, dash twice. Whatever.

Actually i’ve seen it in a match vid and tryed it myself, i think it’s still an unblockable setup [an easy one] and works fine for me. The attacks comes from 2 different sides so, technically, it’s an unblockable.
The 2hit launch, walkup launchxxYagiou is better of course but a little harder to get

So which button to use against which character if I want to do the SA II unblockables?

Okay, you hit the chicken combo, activate SAII, dash twice/three times or whatever…but then what? Is it like double jump to the other side of them -> mk?

There are three standard followups:

  1. vertical jump, early double jump over, crossup Forward
  2. normal jump over, double jump in the same direction, Roundhouse
  3. normal jump over, vertical double jump, Roundhouse

2 and 3 are blockable when meaty because Oro turns around; this makes the opponent able to block the first Yagyou hit on wakeup in either direction. Instead, time the Roundhouse to hit alongside the second Yagyou hit after getting up. This is also true for Urien’s non-kneedrop unblockables.

1 is unblockable even when meaty because Oro’s sprite is not facing the opponent. Urien’s corner unblockables with the kneedrop work the same way.

So why ever use 2 or 3? Timing, damage, and stun. Mixing up between 1, 2, and 3 can make it more difficult for the opponent to parry out.

Interesting. Does this apply to arcade, ps2, or both? Btw, in the arcade, can you walk (not hit) people into the aegis and expect it to unblockable? That definitely works on the ps2. Actually, it’s not unblockable, but after the first hit they have to hold towards urien in other words “away from the aegis” to block it. I don’t have a 3s cabinet handy so I haven’t been able to test this.


Im trying to up my game a bit by slowly switching from Tengu to Yagyou especially against Makoto, Dudley, and Ken.

Which characters do you cancel the s.mp into the ball and which do you let both hits connect? I’m having problems landing it on Dudley and Makoto even though they should be two of the easiest to land it on.

I would strongly go against using Yagyou vs Ken, but people play how they wanna play I guess.

FYI, makoto can down parry out of a yagyou setup done with lp.yagyou -> dashx3 break, you can avoid this escape by walking her forward just a bit before she wakes up. The main characters you want to play yagyou against are hugo, alex, necro, and dudley. I personally play yagyou against ryu and ken, but only cause i like ending a round in one combo.

dosn’t fierce yagou on dudley hit twice or something? then do you have to dash right when his body is falling in your face so you don’t dash under him or immediatley dash? i don’t have a ps2 so i can’t test it out.

also usually on necro i do chicken combo then end do mp yagou (2-hits), l.fiercex2, then sj mk and the timing works really well. can i do this on alex as well if he has the same necro properties?

Fierce Yagyou hits Dudley once.

As for Necro/Alex, do whatever works. I personally don’t like the Yagyou to hit twice because that’s just one less parry the opponent needs to get out.