Unblockable Setup's?

Has anyone been able to get SF4 Unblockable setups to transfer into SFxT?

I tried to translate some over from ssf4ae 2012 and have not had any luck. Anyone been able to get any to work?

Even if they work odds are they won’t be as useful since forward roll makes escpaing it easy.

Well I was thinking about using it in tandem with a rh.demonflip OS could do a little bit of grab/kick mixup off a throw knockdown

Wouldn’t work too well. They would recover before you get near them.

I have a feeling many of the same types of hits exist because I have already seen them, but I don’t think they will be as abusable.

People need to understand Akumas sf4 playstyle is not going to translate to SFxT very well. There is no vortex in this game. There’s no way you’ll be able to OS any kind of demonflip either since it has too much startup and roll is pretty safe. I can guarantee that’s why its in, to prevent the game from emphasizing Oki.

Can you play Oki games? Yes you can but not the same way you do in sf4.

the crossups acts pretty differently in sfxt, mainly in the corner. Plus that theres the roll that seens to be safe (?). Imo itsmuch better than sf4 random madness.

The ONLY option I can think of is OS tatsu. But I’m not even sure that would work.

The roll is definitely not safe, but it does get you out of the safe jumps. If someone reads your tech roll, prepare to eat a punishing combo.

Not true at all.

Roll is safe. It’s a normal rise in another position. You can safe jump it and cross up if you predict it, but you can’t actually “punish” any roll. Also you’re actually in the negatives if you see someone roll and jump back (meaning they can backdash or reversal on wakeup and possibly beat or get away from your jumping attack), so you have to jump back before the start of the animation. Meaning if they just quick rise or if they normal rise, you’re jumping back and getting nothing out of it other than resetting the situation. Oki is just really confusing in this game because rolls exist. It’s still technically there, you just won’t be able to abuse it, especially with Akuma who can’t demon flip backwards. :razzy:

Also, don’t quote me on this, but I think you can’t roll after you’re hit with an EX special. So if you want to set something up, it’d have to be after an EX SRK or something, if that’s the case.

Oh wow, so tech rolls are safe? That’s completely retarded. I just assumed they weren’t because I always catch people if I anticipate the roll. I guess they just weren’t blocking though. Last night I grabbed this guy 4 times as he kept tech rolling. From what you’re saying he should have been able to tech it or reversal out. I guess he was just stupid…

People like to push buttons.


Calling overhead attacks mid attacks is the dumbest thing ever.