Unblockable Ultra Set-up

Not quite exactly sure why this works, but so far best explanation is that on the first frame of wakeup, if there is a meaty fireball AND an ultra flash, then the ultra will connect even if the opponent is blocking. Oddly enough, the fireball doesn’t actually have to connect (see vid ken vs sagat, where the fb just whiffs).

Setup 1: Foward throw, backdash, jab fb, fadc, ultra

Probably the easiest one (for me at least), and confirmed to work on Sagat, Cammy (while crouching only?), and Seth (while standing only?) I haven’t seen any vids that show it works on other characters (post em if you got em). I think it might not work on everybody because of the difference in the length of knockdown for each character.

Courtesy of desora24
Sagat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb0bkmuss4Q&feature=related
Cammy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDNboqY_3aw&feature=related
Seth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsEypE-vQkU&feature=related

Setup 2: Backward throw, jab fb, FADC, (kara) ultra.

There’s a larger window on this one – and it IS possible to throw the fb too early, which means this setup should work on everybody if timed correctly. Since different characters have different wakeup times though, it will probably be impossible to use this reliably against the whole cast. Also, it seems like the kara ultra is necessary for certain chars (e.g. Ryu).

Courtesy of Mienaikage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZfB5DRMsnk

Setup 3: Sweep, jab fb, FADC, ultra.

Don’t know if this is confirmed yet, but it seems like this should work. Like setup 2, there is a larger window where you can do it TOO quickly, so timing is tricky. Also, since spacing is no longer fixed (with throws the distance between characters is the same every time, but with a sweep, the distance between characters can vary) this one is probably the hardest.

If you are on the recieving end of it, then you be able to escape with an invincible reversal on wakeup (e.g. DP).

It’s you

I’ve managed to get the backthrow version to work against most of the cast but there are a few things that I think make this almost completely useless.

  1. It either doesn’t work or the timing is different if the opponent wakes up crouching.
  2. The timing is unbelievably tight and as I mentioned, seems to be different if they wake up crouch blocking.
  3. Whiffs against some of the cast even if the fireball hits (Ryu is the one I’ve noticed so far and Cammy if she is standing to block).

Soooo…awesome find, but meh, I can’t see it ever working in a fight. I think cross-over tatsu, Ultra is almost less of a gamble!!!

so… people in general can’t block a meaty fireball when thrown?

It’ll work only if they aren’t blocking which is highly unreasonable.

I think you have misunderstood entirely.

The fireball becomes UNBLOCKABLE when:

The fireball is active and over your opponent as the character is waking up.

The very first frame of the Ultra flash causes your opponent to be unable to block (“googly eyed state”).

If the first frame of the ultra flash is timed to coincide with the first frame after the wake-up animation has finished, the opponent is completely unable to block the fireball whatever they do. They cannot block, period. It is nothing to do with the fireball being meaty and not blocked correctly.

Thus, the opponent gets hit by the fireball whatever they do and then is in hit stun for the Ultra to connect fully.

I very highly doubt that people would be calling it unblockable if all the video showed was someone failing to block a meaty attack, I mean, come on…

Just tested this and it defiantly is unblock-able, got it 3x times in training using ken vs sagat. The cpu was set on all block he blocks everything i do, accept for the 3 times i got the timing perfect, and it has to be absolutely perfect.

Dont different fighters have different frame data for their actual wakeup animation? I remembered reading about that somewhere…I’m pretty sure that’d throw off the timing a lot. I’ve never been a fan of 1 frame hail mary ultras. I mean, I played boxer back when people found out that you could link an ultra from s.lp and everyone was like “ZOMG GAME BREAKER!1!”, and I haven’t seen one person use it in a match ever.

Hey, what’s the set up for Ken’s Back Throw Unblockable Ultra?

LOL hahaha I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s not practical in a real match.

Actually…I just started trying it out for myself. Its actually not too hard to pull off. I probably get it 95% of the time on sagat. I haven’t really read up on it, but the input leniency for backdashes, specials, focus cancels, and ultras are all like 3+ frames, and you’re chaining those 3 after the throw so theres little room for error once you get to a pretty high level of execution. man…this sucks

well yeah, the jab into ultra setup for balrog is made infinitely less usable because it has to land meaty to work. and even then it’s STILL a 1 frame link.


yep, that’s the one. what that video doesn’t really explain though is all those setups have rog using other moves to space himself far enough out so that s. jab wont hit on the first frame.

nah…you can make balrogs ultra come out faster if you activate it with punches and then hold a kick button during the freeze. But anyway, I’ve been testing this a bit more and the only reliable setup I could find was with a foward throw setup against sagat and cammy. I have no idea why it only works for them…probably the different wakeup speeds like I was mentioned earlier. I think that if/when ken gets a faster dash in super then that forward throw setup may not work at all or it will work against more characters.

Tried this the other day in training mode against Sagat (forward throw > backdash > lp.fb > FADC > Ultra) and within half an hour to an hour i managed to mash it out. Twice. I’d hate to see how consistent the good players will be at pulling this unblockable off.


lol…nice. Theres no way in hell I’m going to incorporate that into my game though. I dont have a 3x punch button, so kara-ing that is going to be a pain. I think if i just slam my palm into the buttons I might be able to mash it out once in awhile.
I’m praying it will just be removed in the first patch…

What hadoken is used? Still lp?

Yeah, it’s LP. Ken always wants to be as close as possible with his Ultra so I don’t see any other fireball working really.