Unblockables: A High and Low Land on the Same Frame

How does the engine prioritize which attack registers? Has anyone managed to look into this, yet? Any ideas on I how I could on finding this out on my own, if not?

I would assume that they both register. Hence the unblockable part.

I think he meant that if they both hit at the same time, which attack will the opponent’s hitstun take from?

Take this scenario of Wolverine’s jumping L and Wesker’s samurai shot low.

Obviously wolverine’s jumping L does not have long hitstun, at least compared to Wesker’s samurai show which has a bit more.

Assuming they hit at the same time, will the opponent recover from the jumping L hitstun or will the opponent recover from the samurai low shot?

I would answer if I knew.

But these setups aren’t TRULY Unblockable are they? Isn’t it just improbable to block these setups? Couldn’t the CPU theoretically block both attacks, which is why you can’t test them in training mode?

I think if you can actually get the hits to go at the same time I don’t think the CPU can block both. I know in training if the timing is off then ya it blocks both.

Whichever hits last. Even if you think they hit at the same time, one attack will usually hit a frame or two before the second.

High and Low unblockable aren’t really unblockable because they don’t attack at the same frame. CPU can block any high and low attack because they block faster than any controller known to man.Theoretically they can block a high and low at the same frame at once. The reason why it’s unblockable for humans because you can’t block a high and a low at once with a stick.

well if u are holding down back to block low then the high attack will hit u, if u are holding just regular back then the low attack will hit you. if you are not holding back then i dont know.if they both truly hit at the same time then whatever has the longest hitstun will be how long u will be in hitstun for. can someone do this in training mode and report back in?

High/low unblockables are never true unblockables. There is always a 1-frame gap between hits.

I think what the OP wants to know is if there ever occurs an Okizeme situation where you have a meaty high and low attack hit in unison, which one would hit first.

The best way to tell rather a low or high came first would be looking at the block string “sparks”. Usually two different attacks create separate block string sparks, and so you can pay attention to each sparks to see what came first. The game doesn’t choose a high over a low, it’s based on who literally attack first.

I never understood how high/low unblockables can be possible in this game. Don’t they pretty much always create a block string, which will then be auto-blocked. So, you just need to block the first hit, right?

With high and low assists, I’m really not sure why you couldn’t hit both high and low on the exact same frame though it would be hard enough to time that it probably wouldn’t be possible to do so consistently. Common knowledge is that such a situation is literally unblockable, but I’m unsure if anyone would notice if that weren’t true. Hitting with two hits on the same frame I don’t think is even all that rare (Phoenix can make the situation by herself with her :h: fireballs easily, and Sentinel drones create the situation a lot) though it’s basically impossible to engineer or even really notice when it does happen, and if I had to guess it’s probably essentially random as it will probably leave you with the hitstun values of whichever attack the game internally considers second with the mechanisms for that likely being completely unpredictable (combo damage scaling is likely going to cause essentially random damage in this situation as well, albeit within very narrow bounds). Just thinking about what ways to program this game would make sense, that’s what I suspect would happen.

This is a really good question actually, but I’m really unsure of what a good method to even discover the answer would be. I’m putting my bets on “it’s basically random” though.

Not the case. Block-strung opponents still determine whether they’re blocking high or low. A block string can easily incorporate a low or overhead hit to an opponent. An easy one is getting someone in Ammy’s >HHHHHH combo while calling Wesker’s Samurai Edge assist. As Wesker attacks with that, hop up with Ammy for a j.H overhead. One of the two attacks will hit unless your opponent is divine or divinely lucky.

What I understand of unblockables is this:

If Wolverine dive kicks high and Wesker’s samurai edge hits low. Against a human opponent that will be an unblockable if they’re standing blocking. But, if they crouch and block then it will not. Akuma’s demon flip coupled with a dive kick is a true unblockable as it doesn’t matter which way you block as his demon flip counts as an overhead. Another unblockable is. Zero bnb, Akuma demon flips at the same time and it’s unblockable.

if theoretically hitting on the same frame… the harder hit effect probably has priority.

but im just guessing.


Lot of misinformation in this thread. There are definitely true unblockables in the game. You can be hit with a high attack and a low attack at once, it’s just hard to time a setup like that. Most of the time, if the opponent is holding upback they can jump out and airguard in time, anyway. But yeah, you can get true unblockables.

If you want to test unblockables, set a dummy recording of the unblockable, and then try to block it. If you think one is hitting before the other, you can try to “fuzzy guard” it (block low and then high) and adjust your timing. Because of the fuzzy guarding, I think it works best for characters like Zero and Taskmaster, with their multi-hitting jump-ins. Then again, most people won’t actually fuzzy guard that shit if they’re getting bodied anyway. Chris G does unblockables with Ryu’s tatsu
and Wesker’s low gunshot that are not unblockable at all. You just need to make sure the assist tricks them

Ryu’s tatsu doesn’t hit high at all. You just think it does, and have to block high.

::Sigh::, mechanically, that’s not how the game works, jr. “Hitting at the same time” technically doesn’t exist. The game runs at 60 fps, and there are limits to how many hits can occur in every single frame per character on screen. Mechanically speaking, each character on screen CAN’T take more than 1 hit per frame.

Look, we know that by human limits, high/low “unblockables” are near impossible to block, and we’re not contesting that, but all fighting games to date always prioritize one hit over another. The OP wants to know, from a MECHANICAL standpoint, which hit is prioritized most in an unblockable in this game, a high/low, the assist/point, or in Zero/Felicia’s case, the Shadow/Kitty helper or the point character.

Ammy’s :f::h:x 5 isn’t a blockstring. Also, that setup can all be blocked low. I’ve tested block strings into overheads before, and it would auto block. I had the dummy recorded holding down back. For example, if you do Spencer’s bionic arm hyper, xfc, then overhead too early it’s auto-blocked, as bionic arm does a lot of block stun. If the overhead is delayed where there’s a gap, then it hits overhead.

Not sure if this will help or not, but I have recorded unblockables with modok/viper BK assist and modok solo that failed and BOTH attacks were blocked. Likewise, I have recorded unblockables where the guarding character never leaves guardstun, but takes the full damage from modoks slime without entering hitstun. Not sure if this is an oddity with modok, training mode fail or just perfectly bad timing. Very heard to recreate so I am leaning towards the latter.

zonk: You can still get hit by high/low mixups when in guardstun. Just pick magneto and ammy coldstar assist and test yourself for an easy display. Left/right mixups however will not work in guardstun. Also, you character will not visibly change stance when in blockstun but definatelystill get hit. Also, for testing mixups and stuff like this I try recording the dummy to do whatever setup I want to test and block it myself.