Unblockables confirmed in the PS2 version of 3rd Strike


Hey all,

As a point of interest, I was working at E3 and had a chance to check out 3S on PS2 and test out unblockables. On the version I played they were in there as default. Simple Aegis setups with Urien worked fine. I went back one morning a few minutes before the general public were let onto the floor and checked just to be sure.

The options menu was locked so you couldn’t see if there were any settings to turn them off. I didn’t have a chance to test out Oro’s unblockables but I assume they work too.

No Xbox 3S was being shown, only SF Anniversary Edition.

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Was the new character playable?


Because I don’t really care about the unblockables, they don’t make the game any more worse or better for me. All I care about is that it’s arcade perfect.


Umm… new character?

That’s cool about the unblockables. I hope the options can turn them off though. Even if you can’t, I probably won’t use them.


and this info came from where?


cool so its pretty much arcade perfect…



You don’t care about something being the same as is the arcade, but you want it to be the same as the arcade. At least you chose a good thing in the poll for your position.


So the game is perfect then? Looks perfect, sounds perfect, plays perfect, and the actual gameplay itself is intact?


There is a CPS 3 revision without the Unblockables.


If unblockables are in the game by design, I bet we’ll be able to select which version of Third Strike we want in the final version.


From what I could tell the timing and gameplay was exactly like the arcade. Keep in mind that I was forced to use a PS2 controller and I hadn’t touched one of those for a couple of years for a fighting game. But coming from a guy who plays 3S like it’s a religion, nothing jumped out at me from the 20 minutes or so I had with the game. I guess we’ll see in a month or so.

The Capcom guys did say that online capabilities for the PS2 version are not confirmed (meaning that they weren’t told that it would have online play). My guess is that it won’t – if they haven’t announced it yet and they’ve already announced that the Xbox version (coming out two months later) will support Live, it’s a safe bet PS2 will get no online support.


Great News!

But… a new character?? I need to know more! :eek:



hopefully the timing is the same and there is no input lag…and capcom will rule all…!!


Unblockables!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~!




I was in Tokyo at Game Newton last week talking to the owner, and he says it will have both versions on the PS2, unblockable and revised. :smiley: That will be great for us in ATL who have no good arcade to practice at right now :bluu:


I couldn’t really give a shit about accidental bugs like unblockables that only affect a handful of characters (especially considering the updated arcade version had them removed). But-

At least this will shut the whingers up once and for all.


Will; Was the music in 3s split into 3 like DC or arcade?


dam i be real hungry :frowning:

btw the hidden person must be guile(or dan?)


Sweet. Now that I know it’s arcade perfect, I can stop trying to catch Ken in a lp. MGBx4 in the corner with Dudley on the DC version. Can hardly wait for July.

Let’s run this joke into the ground before it loses its appeal!:cool: