Unblockables/Guard Breaks

Call me outdated, but I was wondering about the technicals of the Aegis unblockable/Guard break setups (and tell me about more unblockables).

I know about the towards and medium kick, and the overhead knee (he says “destroy” when the special comes out) one, but that’s about it. Plus I only have the DC version, so practicing them kinda sucks when they don’t work in the console version.

Anyhow, any input is greatly appreciated, as I want to get ready for a tourney in about 2.5 weeks =P


There’s a whole thread about unblockables and unblockable theory in the main discussion section. The title is kind of… mysterious, and has nothing to do with Unblockables or the Style with which they are implemented, but if you try hard you may be able to find it.


Hehe, finally found it.


for other people’s reference. it’s all you, N.

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Thongboy Bebop

(opponent near corner) [any 4-hit tackle/juggle series], mk tackle xx jab Reflector, back dash, roundhouse tackle (whiff), roundhouse knee-drop [guard breaks]

does this work on DC version??

i’ve tried many times
by low fierece>ex tackel>mk tackle>jab reflector

but the reflector always make my enemy go straight up and then down instead of bouncing out~~

Make sure to cancel the mk tackle directly into the reflector, and NOT afterward. Cancel!

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Can i low fierce>mktackle> jab reflector ??


cancel… how DO U GET the timming man!!
the time is so hard to get

You have to use up the entire juggle limit (6 hits), otherwise the Roundhouse Tackle won’t whiff. It must whiff if you’re going to use it to push them into the corner.

Whenever you’re immediately cancelling tackles into supers, the easiest way is, instead of charging back-to-forward:

Charge back, roll the stick in a half circle forward (yoga flame style), and press mk when you get to forward. As soon as you hit with the tackle, do a single fireball motion and press jab (or whichever punch is desired for the reflector).

You still get credit on the super for the first motion, even though you used it for the tackle. Thanks Capcom!


wow thanks
that is quite useful

i have one more question
u know how tokito always do

rh tackle and agis

i noticed(think) that if the tackle hits or the enemy blocks it

there is a time different on using the agis

am i right?

can u explain any short cut on doing super on both situation

use the method u provided above?

i find if the enemy blocks it

it’s even harder to do agis

Do you mean the RH tackle xx Upward Aegis combo?

Whenever I do any tackle cancels from a distance, I just do the full motion (back, forward, double fireball). If you can’t seem to squeeze the timing in, just keep at it really. No shortcuts there, just decent hand/wrist speed.

Generally if you’re doing any sort of tackle/mirror cancelling, you wait until you make contact on the tackle. It’s not a very tight timing after you play a while, just pop it as soon as you hit the enemy, blocked or no.


thx a lot

yoga flame short cut rocks

after the xx agis

do i really have to go back dasH??

i mean will unblockable still work if i didn’t back dash
and just hold back on the joy stick

if you’re trying to do the corner unblockable setup, then yes, you can walk back instead of dashing back before you do a RK tackle.

I walk back instead of backdashing .
It gives me a moment to relax after the corner set-up and prepare for the next one . If you walk back they will fall directly in front of you so just tap toward+forward kick to shoulder their downed body into the corner while charging down for the knee drop .

easy cheezy


How exactly does the unblockable work?

For shame, GB.



I’ve read that post before…and you know what? It was worth another read. Well done.

While that was a good read, it didn’t really answer my question on why these unblockables work.

And how does dash back, whiff RH Knee Drop connect? You don’t have enough time to charge.

let me try to answer that question.

  1. in the arcades, unblockables work because essentially you’re hitting them from both sides simultaneously. You lay the reflector in front of them, get to the other side and hit them in the back. The dreamcast version fixed this, so unblockables are no longer possible. I believe some arcade versions have fixed this problem also (which really sucks for Urien).

  2. dash back, RH tackle, THEN RH knee drop.

*note: dash back to RH tackle needs charge partitioning. Quite hard to do. For the common Urien player, just walk back -> RH tackle.

so the 5 juggle, reflector, dash back, wiff shoulder charge, knee drop crossup/unblockable doesn’t work on DC at all??

Just like J Blaze mentioned, unblockables/guardbreaks are not possible since they’ve been fixed. Your best bet is to go to the nearest arcade and practice.