Unblockables, how?

How do people come to discover an unblockable?

Is there something to look for before trying out setups in training mode?

I try to find a setup that a character can block both ways, or a setup where one character blocks something front, but another does so crossup.

The two primary setups I’ve found have worked that way. Some other ones like unblockable rainbow roll were just me messing around, and doing something by accident.

How does being able to block both ways signify an unblockable?

it shows that the hit is hitting dead in the middle. In that situation you can also try to do whatever setup you were doing but make frame additions/subtractions to your timing mechanism and see what happens.

If I find something like that I test it on the rest of the cast. I’ve got an unblockable out of it twice, and I’ve got a couple cool ambiguous jumpins that leave me with good positioning like where I’m on the opposite side they had to block it from.

You sure you’re not mis-interpreting an ambiguous cross up?

certain meaty jumpins(or other moves) have to be just framed blocked on wakeup, they are commonly referred to as unblockables because “meaty jumpin that must be just frame blocked on wakeup” is a bit of a mouthful.

Here is gilley explaining my two setups vs. Guile and the counters to them.

Another way I try to find stuff is if I see something in match that crosses up but usually shouldn’t. Then I try to recreate the scenario in training mode and mess around with different spacing, timing, positions and characters. Usually it leads to finding an ambiguous setup, but sometimes you can find unblockables. A lot of the time you’ll find stuff that are “training mode only” setups, like when you can use the spacing off a blocked move to get an ambiguous jump in if the opponent doesn’t move. However in a real match, the opponent will usually move forward or backward in response to the jump-in in an attempt to block it. So basically you have to test some setups twice to check if they’re actually viable.

the ones i found for gen on the twins, i was attempting to make really ambiguous cross ups. then i was trying to block them myself to test how difficult it would be to see which way it was hitting. then i found out i couldnt block it unless it was the just frame timing

ive found other set ups since then, but usually im just checking the dificulty of blocking a recorded dummy’s setup

Ok, I just feel like I read about a new character with unblockables against the twins every other week. I need to find some for Gouken, just that I have no idea what to look for. I’ve found corner set ups where you can block both ways.

I always test out set up myself by trying to block them in training since a lot of things look like they will be golden and then I try to block it and it whiffs and what not.

Was testing stuff on Yun last night cause Yun is the bane of my existence and I found a setup that allows him to block both ways but no unblockable yet. Should have tested it on the rest of the cast but it was late and I was tired. Will try it some time this week.

I really hate when something is Golden vs the dummy and then you try to block it yourself and it is crap and whiffs :stuck_out_tongue:

block both ways? Interesting! Top tier material!

WTF Capcom… what has Gouken done to deserve this? He’s even trying to fight evil! You should help him, not destroy him!
Akuma has the power of satsui, he can kill people. He has unblockables against Yun, to help him kill.
Gouken has the power of nothingness. He can do nothing to people. He has the Both-way-blockable, to help him do nothing.

Test it both midscreen, and then in the corner.

Good luck!