Unblockables in Ultra


So, with the release of AE2012 and the reign of unblockables there was a huge push for an AE2013 update to remove them. In an attempt to appease fans Capcom agreed to re-evaluate SFIV and look into the unblockables issue. Later it was announced that they were attempting to remove as many unblockables as they could find and attempt to re-balance some of the cast. Fast forward a few years and now I am looking at a review of the Official Ultra Street Fighter IV guide, a guide to the update that was supposed to resolve the unblockable glitch, and the reviewer, Jason24cf, is showing examples of how the guide instructs the player on how to do unblockables and which character they work on.

Can someone please tell me what this update was supposed to accomplish?

Here’s the video if anyone wants to see. Unblockable section is at 10:15.


unblockables are cool


LMAO at “Capcom worked very hard to remove unblockables”


DWU was Capcoms lazy ass “fix” to unblockables. Their team of coders must have been too incompetent to fix the underlying issue, and so introduced a mechanic that 90% of players hate.


Just never say that your characters have these setups in USF4.