Unblockables: which Specials and X-rays cannot be blocked?


I’m not talking about overheads as they can be blocked high, and I’m not talking about throws either. If you are crouch blocking, which attacks cannot be blocked? I had heard that all characters have one Special or X-Ray that cannot be blocked, but apparently it’s not true.

So far, I only know of a few:

Special Attacks

Scorpion’s Demon Fire
Sub Zero’s Ground Puddle
Jax’s Ground Pound
Sheeva’s Ground Slam
Sheeva’s Teleport Slam
Nightwolf’s Lightning
Cyrax’s Bomb
Ermac’s Ground Slam
Cyber Sub Zero’s Ice Bomb
Noob Saibot’s Black Hole
Kano’s Charged Ball

X-Ray Attacks

Jax’s X-Ray
Kano’s X-Ray
Sheeva’s X-Ray

What am I missing?


Try practice mode.


Ermac’s Ground Pound (when he levitates above the ground for a small duration of time and then hits the ground), is an unblockable.


Jax’s X-Ray is a grab if I’m not mistaken, which is why it cant be blocked. So I’m not sure if that counts as an ‘Unblockable’ (although technically speaking I guess it does, just not the kind you probably mean). I’m not sure if any X-Rays are unblockable, I think they all are blockable or if not you can just jump to avoid the grab.


Doesn’t Kung Lao’s Teleport Throw whiff if you crouch it? I’ve tried it in practice mode and versus matches, but it seems you can time the throw late and grab crouching characters just before he lands.

Thanks for that, I knew I missed at least one.

That’s exactly what I mean. Which X-Rays cannot be blocked and have to be jumped in order to escape? Definitely Jax falls into the unblockable category.


I thought ‘unblockable’, literal meanings aside, usually stood for an attack which couldn’t be defended. Much like Scorpion’s flame and Nightwolf’s lightning. Since at the end of the day, throws are throws.


That’s true, throws are throws, but unlike SF, throws in Mortal Kombat 9 can be crouch blocked (they will whiff). So, in essence, throws in this game are blockable. Right?

But Jax’s Xray cannot be crouched. That’s why I want to know if other Xray “throws” can also be crouch blocked (including Kung Lao’s Teleport throw).


Kano’s X-Ray


Sheeva’s X-Ray is unblockable and it hits full screen, the only way you can avoid it is by jumping or by doing certain moves like for example, Raiden’s superman attack to fly around avoiding it.


This move is blockable. It deals a lot of chip damage, though.

Noob Saibot’s black hole is an unblockable.


Thanks for the tips guys, forgot about Kano’s X-Ray. I also confirmed that throws are not blockable, ground throws will throw crouching characters. Also confirmed that Kung Lao’s Teleport Throw cannot throw crouching characters. It seems to have a minimum height that throw cannot be pressed if he’s too low to the ground.


Kano’s charged blanka ball


Lots of normals are unblockable when fully charged. Sub’s B+2, Ermac’s B+2, Cage’s B+2 are a few, there might be more.

Not sure if you’re looking for those, but idk why you wouldn’t.


Yeah I was sure most chars have a charged unblockable. Most are b+2

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