Uncanny Marvel vs Capcom 3!


I think it’s about time for the next iteration in the MvC3 series! Something along the lines of Uncanny Marvel vs Capcom 3!

So I want to know is what new characters or new moves would you want to see in the next installment for MvC3?

If Ultimate brought 12 new characters, then it wouldn’t be farfetched that another 12 would be added? Off the top of my head, Capcom: Miles Edgeworth from Ace Attorney/Investigations, Asura from Asura’s Wrath, Classic Megaman, and Son-Son. From Marvel’s side: Juggernaut, The Vision, Loki, and Ms. Marvel for Marvels side. That’s 8 so far, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of characters people want from both Capcom and Marvel.

The new game should also buff and/or give new moves to some of the lower tier characters. For example, Thor could get a hammer throw special similar to Captain America’s shield throw, except with different properties.

The move should have OTG properties and could be an assist move. It would definitely be very useful for picking opponents off the ground to further combos. Vertical Mighty Hammer would be a good tool to use after having air grabbed someone for a conversion.

Mighty Spark can be canceled into Mighty Hammer{before the lightning is launched when its charging up} to give it electric properties as well as multiple hits.

Mighty Mjolnir is a hyper version of Mighty Hammer, it would look like Mighty Strike except Mjolnir by itself. If it could be level 1, then its the hyper Thor does during a team hyper combination if Mighty Hammer is his assist.

I was gonna draw something up for some of the other characters, but I’ll just give my thoughts on it in these spoilers.

[details=Spoiler]Vision would have a timer hyper that makes him transparent and have no hitbox for the duration, except for when he is attacking.{This would make his assists after the hyper much harder to punish.}

Ms. Marvel would probably have some of Rogue’s moves from MvC2 minus anything to do with her absorption powers, and replace those with beam attacks.

Miles EdgeWorth would either play like a stronger Pheonix Wright but with only two modes or be exactly like him in having three modes, except some of his specials and hypers would be different{his assistant would be Kay Faraday/Ichijou Mikumo, who is ninja-like, so her assists would be more offensive than Maya, maybe Ibuki style techniques.

As for the others, their movesets already exist, and some like Juggernaut just need two more hypers and a special. Loki on the other hand would probably need an entirely new playstyle, making him have the highest difficulty in character creating.

If they do decide to bring in as many characters as possible by whatever means, I wouldn’t mind “clone” characters and offshoot characters as what Ken is to Ryu minus the variations in moves and speed but sharing many animations.

List of clone and off-shoot characters include: Ken, Lilith, Beta Ray Bill{a faster, less hp-ish Thor?}, Megaman X, Servbot{his model already exists in the game, and his moveset in MvC2}, and various others. I’m all for fun, and like there being as many characters as possible, even if corners are cut to make it happen.

EDIT: Well, I forgot to mention this, but the discussion was for what characters would you want to see in the next installment and what new moves would you want on existing characters.


It’s not.


Why not? Don’t you wanna see more characters? Don’t you wanna see more variety in teams?

Do you really want another grand finals dominated by the same handful of characters?{No offense to said characters since its still fun to watch, but I really want to see some of the other characters taking center stage}.


oh no not the same 5 characters! it might end up like every other fighting game ever played competitively!


What grand finals?
the grand finals I saw featured someone playing a subpar team with storm and akuma vs someone using clint
That’s not dominated by any handful of characters.


The game’s only been out for a year and a half. Give the game time to age.


i agree there should be a new version

but from a business standpoint it probably isn’t feasible


Well, Akuma and Storm are still pretty versatile, but I feel that the lower tier characters could use some buffs so they can at least reach that level of utility.

Well, I forgot to mention this, but the discussion was for what characters would you want to see in the next installment and what new moves would you want on existing characters.

The Grand Finals was still hype to watch, but what I meant to say is that too many teams are running the same handful of characters in different combinations.


its time for this game to die IMO TBH IJS LOL


Sorry if it sounded like I was ragging on anything. The Grand Finals was awesome to watch, but I just think it be great if there was more variety in the mix.


I sometimes feel like the people who complain about a lack of variety in UMvC3 don’t watch the game often enough to be able to tell. There’s plenty of variety.


The only thing I would want is a PC port so I can put Vergil’s moveset on Rocket Raccoon.


Phantasy: True dat. That might be the reason why they haven’t made a move. I think somebody should tell them about Kickstarter. They could use it to see if interest in the game is still high. Perhaps they could include extra characters for every milestone they meet.

<Insert name Here>: Well, you right, as the game is there already is variety within the competitive side of the cast. But I feel bad for the lower tiers getting less screen time. Especially Hsien-Ko. At least Pheonix Wright is now starting to see an increase in usage after the discovery of that unblockable.

RagingDemonStorm: That be sick. Reminds me of how somebody once put Captain Falcon’s movesets on Pikachu, turned him into a mutant.


While I disagree with this I really like the pictures you drew.

And the Phoenix Wright unblockable’s been known for ages, probably since week 2-ish.


Actually, you can’t have a :qcb: motion since Thor already has a :hcb: motion. The :qcb: may get mixed up with the :hcb:
You can do :rdp: however


Dude are you for real? I think Capcom are aware of Kickstarter.

They have made it very clear that there wont be any more updates for MvC3, citing licence issues with Marvel and a lack of resources. It might be fun to speculate but nothing will happen.


Why don’t you guys just do something better with your time and fantasize about something that might actually happen like MVC4? They have to get the license back to even start on anything and by that time they would obviously be ready to work on 4. Actually, at this point Capcom vs. Capcom is more likely to happen than an MVC4 at this point.


Y’all new FGC peeps are a bunch of spoiled motherfuckers.


No, that’s already his Mighty Strike motion. He’s actually “full” with specials already, unless it’s gonna be S+ATK


Kickstarter? Really?

Why so many people think Kickstarters are the solution to getting an update is beyond me.