Uncharted 2


Did anyone pre-order from GameStop to get in the MP demo yet? I’m glad I did, really enjoying this. If you’re not in the beta yet, are you gonna DL it when it opens up to the public? It’s the most fun I’ve had on a MP shooter in a while.


I have a friend who loves Gears and he says it’s better.


I love Uncharted Drake’s Fortune game!, the first one is awesome!, but Among Thieves looks so great, nice graphics, story, characters and the online game!, Among thieves is the shit!


If you haven’t bought it yet, I’d suggest getting it off Amazon. It came out to $51 shipped for me and will come with a $5 gift card preorder bonus toward another game purchase. I think if you want first day shipping, it’ll only cost $5 shipping regardless. And I guess it comes with a treasure map which will be helpful to get that trophy early…

Anyways, here’s how I got it for the discounted price:

Sign up with coupon code GIMAG for the Entertainment Consumers Association to get 10% off purchase coupons from Amazon for free:
(don’t know when this membership coupon expires)

credit goes to slickdeals, just thought I’d help out anyone looking to get it for cheap


The Amazon pre-order incentive is pretty cool too, it’s the treasure map of all the stuff i the game. That should help plat sooner.

GameSpot is still giving out beta codes if you pre-order from there, but it’s going to go live on PSN for everyone on the 29th as it is.


Demo’s open now on PSN! It’s one of the best MP games I’ve everplayed. You should all get on it so I have some more n00bz to pwn


I dl’d the demo today. It’s looking really, REALLY good and has me very excited over the MP mode. It almost seems very movie like. Makes sense they’re doing those sneak previews at some theaters next week. Makes me wish I didn’t have to keep waiting. At least i’ll get a hands on taste at the multiplayer tourney next week. Anyone else going to the sneak previews?


I’ll be playing this a lot.


It is better… in my opinion of course.

GoW was just too bland and greyish.
Uncharted on the otherwise is vabrant and clean.

And you can parkour the shit out of everything.


this game is godlike son!


ggs yesterday ark!.. we were whoopin ass last night haha…

feel free to add me if you wanna play


I’ll definintely be picking this up, even if it’s just for Single Player. MP is fun, but they didn’t really address how overpowered and shitty grenade spam is.


Uncharted2 will set tha 3rd person multiplayer world on its edge. Seriously


Socom Confrontation is good but people cheese out tha Socom shuffle. Vigorous sidestepin blows and swallows.


Speaking of socom, this game feels like all the socom characters got bit by radioactive spiders considering some of the jumps i’ve been doing lol.

anybody thinking about going to the uncharted 2 events on oct 6 in LA, San Fran, Chi or Seattle where you can play the new game at a movie theater? I am definitely going to the one in LA on tuesday.

info/locations: unchartedthegame.com



I played in an earlier beta and liked it. Dragged myself away from marvel to play the new one a little today. I like the co-op objective mode. The sound of racking up kills is so nice. Also, the melee system seems a bit better. It’s shaping up to be a great game, but I can’t buy games at $50-$60, so I’ll be waiting a few months to pick it up.


Looks like Kotaku enjoyed the game.
And they only mentioned 1 con… which was about the twitter…

This game looks promising by every reviews.


This game is cold as fuck! I’m going to get this for sure when it drops.


the online is better than i expected and lol at parkouring with an rpg in your hand


This game is amazing. You all won’t be disappointed.