Where are my Uncharted peeps at? List your PSN, please, so I can put you on the list.

We aren’t hardcore, we just get together and play for fun. Clan tag is SRK. Having a headset/mic is recommended. Might come up with a clan emblem/flag design sometime later for us to rock.

Meet-ups will usually be on evenings around 7pm EST and later.

List (SRK Name - PSN Name)

SWBeta - Star-WB
Jack_Frost - suspect0479
Yeah Dood 120% - YeahDood
Eckostyle - BigBigTruck
remonster - remonster
.clipse - mark_inocentes
Benji41 - Ironbenji
Divine Tenken - DivineTenken

“we arent hardcore”

FUCK THAT lol I was hardcore (while still having fun) in UC2 multiplayer, Ill be the same in this.

Im not getting it tho until black friday but thats coming up so ill add my psn, everyone please add me! lets do this!

psn- suspect0479

I haven’t played online yet, but once I platinum it out I’ll be on… dood!

PSN: YeahDood

Samurai edit
Whoops, just saw that y’all play at 7pm. That’s past my bedtime, lol, I work at 1am so I’m usually passed out by 6pm on weekdays. I may be available on the weekends though… dood!

You should’ve been did this bro. Back when I was hardcore on those crack sessions. Now, the KoF XIII will be locked in.

You already got me though: FlyMike45

Hit me up if I’m online and you guys got a good set going. I actually bought the season pass, with everything as soon as it becomes available. So I may as well use it. shrug

Is that season pass still on sale? I need to get on that.

Oh, and my Uncharted peeps, I’m trying to get some multiplayer action going on today. Hit me up if you’re down.

I have the game now just havent opened it cause I was waiting to get a turtle beach/triton (I play better with them! lol)

I work tonight so ill try to get a little gameplay now/soon before I take a nap

I hear this game didn’t live up to it’s expectations, that U2 is still best Uncharted game so far.


Count me in, I play this all the time. PSN ID: BigBigTruck

Anyone feel the game gets MUCH easier online once you unlock the M9?

Finally got this game. You guys getting regular sessions going or is just partying up whenever? I can’t play with randoms, the blow outs are too painful lol. PSN ID same as SRK, west coast time.

I’m trying to play tonight. Who’s down?

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I need help! Been getting killed merclessly even when I’ve unloaded a full clip into the other guy. I’ve only got to 13. I could just be shit, but any tips would be great. I’ll end up smashing the TV at this rate.

Start playing with us.

Peeps, me and Rhio are hopping on in 10 mins. Join us.

Ill get on, and flymike sold his game so take him off the list, that traitor!

damn haven’t played UC3 MP in awhile. but still down to get it in

.clipse - mark_inocentes

Let me in this joint PSN: Ironbenji

I’ll add you guys tonight. :tup:

Flashback map pack came out recently. Who got it?

Getting online in a bit. No mic for me tonight because I’m under the weather.

I’m new to this game but i’m down for whatever. I’ll add you guys later peace.
PSN: DivineTenken