Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception


So is sony still having a special announcement the day after the VGA’s then, cause i was sure this was it.

No words, I can’t fucking wait.

I hear it will be 3-D. (for 3-D televisions)

Some screenshots from IGN.

Can you believe there’s nigs out there that still don’t have a PS3?

Fucking get on it.


The desert theme was pretty obvious, can’t wait til I get my hands on it.


RZA Voice:

The shit is Fuckin ridiculous!!!

?? Who taught you how to have 3d graphics with Nathan Drake in it??
“Sony taught me!”


fap fap fap fap fap fap FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP

Yup, 2011 is absolute BLISS for PS3 owners. They just announced a new shooting attachments for FPS/TPS games too. My wallet weeps.

Also, U3 get fucking HYPE.


edit: I like how uncharted and j&d share the same themes with each corresponding game in the series…

jak 1 + U1 = jungle
jak 2 + U2 = urban + jungle
jak 3 + U3 = desert


Nate Drake is back Woooooot!

I came. Hopefully they improve collision detection in multiplayer. And more weapons, including melee stuff like swords.

Gonna be fucking amazing.

Day one buy.

I home they add exploding heads and more realism, more blood.

What is this? I’ve always hated the ps3 controller for shooters.

Shit I just got Uncharted 1. Really behind.

The attachments are for PlayStation Move, so you’re better off buying the 360 controllers for the PS3.