Uncommon Characters in High End Play

Just curious as to which “low tier” (or even uncommonly played mid tier) characters people most enjoy seeing in action. For me it’s definitely Q, specifically Kuroda’s Q, followed by Oro, of whom the best I’ve seen is Thanatos.

I like watching Twelve too but the footage is hard to come by, Yamazaki (a Japanese player, not to be confused with the SNK character) has been spotted on a couple of the recent Gamer’s Vision ranking battles though.

Well, vote away!

My aplogies to anyone who voted shortly after I posted, I think it was just one other person but I wanted to include Remy in the list.

Elena for me, followed by Twelve. Ive been trying to pick up Elena so its always fun to see her being played well, gives me pointers. And Twelve is just hilarious

Ibuki is fun to watch.

a good alex is always fun to watch, and of course when aruka is beasting with ibuki

I loooovvee’s watchin the Qs. I’m not sure who my favorite player is, though. I’ve learned plenty from each of Kuroda, TK, Riki, and Kyosenshi, and I’m also definitely indebted to SlimX and Streak.

I’m also very impressed by Twelve and Ibuki players. They seem really, really difficult to learn.

Yeah Ibuki is another favorite of mine to watch. Im toying around with her trying to learn her basics and she is pretty hard to play effectivly with. Very steep learning curve.

Necro, no contest. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alex, Q, Hugo, Ibuki, and Twelve are all fun to watch.

Watching…usually Q or Elena. Especially Elena, seeing that I rarely ever see Elena players, let alone face them.

Playing…definitely Alex. I didn’t spend the majority of the summer learning Alex for nothin’, now!

Oro. I love watching the Tengu stones combos and Yagyou setups.

I like to see any uncommon character, but a good Necro is just awesome to watch (closely followed by Ibuki)

id rather punch myself in the face, than watch a twelve match.

Haven’t really seen a high level Sean match, wonder what they are like?

Don’t see Oro in tourney’s often.

Man…there’s no way Oro can be a low tier, he’s a strong character. :tup:
I like to see Q and Necro vids, expecially those necro’s rushdown from AB7 and sugiyama.

Damn. Votes are pretty even

I can see why Alex is at top so far. It’s just fun to watch mid tier power bomb pwnage from da man Keisuke himself.Double power bomb is good stuff. My personal favorite to watch is Ibuki. Especially Aruka’s. TK SA1 pwnage.:nunchuck:

  1. necro (of course. good parries and a mean juggle is always uplifting.)
  2. alex (its because of his corner game and powerbombs out of nowhere)
  3. ibuki (aruka’s ibuki has progressively become better over time. nice mixups and run-away games.)
  4. gouki (i think Match has the best gouki. anyone know if he’s been playing recently?)
  5. q (tk’s q is very good imo. i haven’t seen riki play in a long while. anyone know riki’s tournament play history?)

I generaly play Ken, Urien and Oro, whom is by far the character I have the most fun playing.

I’d say Remy, because out of all of the footage I’ve collected, there have been maybe 3 matches? Compared to like 8-10 Q and Twelve matches. So Remy matches are far more interesting to me.