Unconscious button inputs

Ok this is not cool, im sitting here after hours of practicing some chun-li bnbs. I got annoyed and decided to take a food break, so im sitting here all of a sudden I grab one of my onion rings with the hand I hold my joystick in and I did a shoryuken motion and sent that shit flying…lmao has this happened to anyone else share stories! I cant stop laughing.

I also cannot stop laughing.

Lmao it’s still in pieces on the floor i’m thinking of leaving it there for a bit to commemorate the day I lost my mind.

I had a thought the other day that I had no desire to communicate online. I’m getting old.

fuck you

I couldnt control it I chuckled to myself as I wiped the grease coated stubs mockingly referred to as fingers off my shirt. The inputs were flying all right as I grinded my chun combos - the MadCatz Fightstick dropped whilst sickly executing those bread n’ butters. It felt like my mind was on cruise control the entire time. With the controller in pieces on the floor, I laughed once more and skipped over to my desktop. Hope I dont break the keyboard.

I have no idea…what you just said…but that’s the best story I heard all week claps not joking btw lmao!

… I break out the plinks on flat surfaces sometimes. :S

True story.

My car has the gear change right by the steering wheel, you know? Well, I had been previously getting used to using a fight stick for the past 3 days. Basically non stop.

I swear to god, as soon as I grabbed that stick, in the middle of trying to go in reverse from park, my hand did the craziest shit I have ever seen and the car ended up thrusting forward instead of backward. I thought I broke the fucking car. Luckily, no one was hurt. (Except my pride.)

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