Undamned's USB Decoders (USB to JAMMA, etc.)!


Well, folks, it’s been a long time coming, but I’m really close to finally getting these things out there and into your hands!


This is the opposite of boards like Toodles’ Cthulhu or the PS360 which take the button/joystick wire signals and turn them into USB. This takes input from your USB 360 or PS3 controller and turns that into button/joystick wire signals. You could use this to control any number of projects from Superguns to robotics, to anything you can imagine that you’d like to control with your digital 360 or PS3 joystick!

These are essentially the same circuit and firmware as that of the UD-CPS2 (ran at multiple major events including ST Games @ EVO, The Fall Classic, etc.).

Target price is $35 for the Screw Terminal version and $40 for the DB15 version.

Screw Terminal Version Features:

  • Terminal Blocks for solder free wiring (signal layout intentionally similar to MC Cthulhu so you can mate them for fun things like TE stick on SNES)
  • USB A Socket
  • Alternate header for USB signals - for people who don’t to use the on-board USB socket
  • Indicator LED - bi-color, red/green
  • Alternate header for LED signals - for people who don’t to use the on-board LED
  • Pull-Up Selection Jumper - allows for pulling button/joystick signals up to +5V or +3.3V, depending on the application
  • Player Select Jumpers - tell the joystick to light up the appropriate controller LED (can be set for P1-P4)
  • Custom button mapping - for 6-8 action buttons
  • Firmware can be updated via USB for future features/improvements


Here’s what @Rufus did with a couple boards which were used at SoCal Regionals, early last year:

(sweet 3D printed case by @Rufus not included)

(running on a supergun at SoCal Regionals 2013)


I will continue to improve the firmware features as I have time.

Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions!


User Manuals / Firmware - http://udgametech.blogspot.com/p/firmware.html


http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com (search for “undamned”)
https://www.akishop.jp (search for “usb decoder”)



This is the type of project that you could definitely get sold by FocusAttack and other stores. I definitely hope these catch on.

In! These being sold at JasensCustoms.com make so much sense for the SuperGuns I build. Love it!

Will the final PCB have holes for mounting points similar to the PS360+ or the JROK video encoders?

Definitely down for two, at least!
Are these going to come assembled or not?
(FWIW, I’d want unassembled ones just because I want to cram them into tiny little spaces inside casings, project boxes, Superguns, etc)

Well, with only word of mouth, there is already a ton of interest in these, so I think the “catching” has already begun. I just need to get them finalized and shipped! There are number of stores interested in these :smiley:

Your superguns are beast, Jasen! And your site is really shaping up! We’ll talk!

Yes, there are mounting holes on PCBs I just ordered. Once I get those in, I think feedback from the beta testers will help determine if I should move them or not. Once I’ve decided on final hole locations I’ll post them up.

I’m thinking of offering with and w/o the terminal blocks and USB connector. You will freak out when you see how small the DB-15 PCB is. It will lack features (no pull-ups, no alternate headers, etc.), but without a plastic case is about 1/4 the size of the terminal block version. It will certainly be the “Gummo” version :smiley:

Can I be a beta tester? I need to upgrade my ps2 super gun so it can make use of its usb ports.

It feels like Christmas already.

I’ll definitely be wanting 2 of these for myself. Glad to finally get an update on this!!.

Would these have practical applications for legacy consoles? Particularly dreamcast interests me.

Yes, you can connect the adapters output signals to the corresponding inputs of your preferred console game controller

You can use this encoder with Jamma, Neo geo, SNES, Sega Genesis, a Xbox 360 pad or even a Dreamcast pad.

Ah! So, basically I hook the inputs for the dc with its native plug on one end and the encoder outputs it to usb on the other. Very sick! Yeah, definitely sign me up for 2 of these!

This makes me want to drop the dc guts in a new case so I can internalize all of the stuff (there is a GDrom emulation pcb that appears to be coming out soon as well) :slight_smile:

Actually its more like this, different encoder same modding possibilities.

You solder wires from Undammed’s USB encoder to your Dreamcast game pad, as if the USB encoder was your buttons and joystick.


I’m guess even with this setup, input lag would be in the acceptable range?

So what I’m seeing with this is being able to make a usb to mc cthulhu project box mod? sort of like making a universal adapter box for usb to older consoless?

Does this work with Dualshock3/Sixaxis and Microsoft 360 wired pads?

As I recall, they were tested to have a max delay of 1/4 frame back at last year’s SCR, which is negligible given the obvious pros of having this thing.

Yep, that is one of the many applications it can be used for :smiley: And if you are handy with hacking the latest pads for XBOX One and PS4, you could wire this up to one of those so you can use for favourite stock PS3 or 360 controller on the new consoles.


It actually differs depending on what you are plugging into it. For example the MC Cthulhu had ~2ms response time, whereas, if I recall correctly, the official Microsoft 360 pad was ~7ms. One of these days I’ll take a larger sampling of various controller response times to give people a better idea.

If you know, is that a polling rate thing or something else?

GOD DAMN IT BRIAN! Now I have to put more of your badass created shit on my future want list.

EDIT - This is fucking sexy.

It’s been so long since I touched that aspect of the firmware or did latency testing, I honestly can’t recall. I don’t do anything different from one controller to another after startup (as far as the actual data transfer; the differences in button mapping should be microseconds apart). I’ll certainly look into that again when I do a broad latency test on a bunch of controllers.

Glad you like it, @FrankCastleAZ :smiley: