Undamned's USB Decoders (USB to JAMMA, etc.)!


I mentioned to Undamned in another thread, but I agree that a purpose-built DIY enclosure kit built around the UD-USB+PS360 combo would sell a lot of units. You’d basically end up with something that looks like a small laptop power brick with RJ45 on one end and USB on the other. At the end of the day it what a lot of people want I think.


The important caveat to remember is that USB needs 5V to function properly. As discussed in the other thread, unless there is 5V available on that RJ45 jack, you will need some sort of auxiliary power coming in (whether it be 5V from a Playstation 2 USB jack or something else).

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For non-RJ45 setups (such as a dedicated PS3/X360 to PS1/2 converter), you have more wires available to you, including the power wire that runs the rumble motors in your gamepads. You can us a small voltage regulator (7805 or similar) to drop that down to a usable 5V.


@undamned‌, I finally got around testing your DB-15 decoders and they work great with my Qanba Q4 (as expected, had no trouble at all at EVO). However, I’m also trying to use a Dreamcast stick with a Trio Linker Plus II converter, and a Namco stick with a PIII A01 converter and neither of them work. Any chance for checking/adding support for these two? Thanks!


I wonder if anyone tried this with Ps3 Logitech Cordless Precision Controllers? it is wireless with usb dongle.


Wow, I’ve never even heard of those, lol. I’ve got more support to add for some other sticks/controllers before I get to converters, but I’m not opposed to looking into it :smiley:

I’ve not used that particular wireless controller, but I’ve tested with a wireless Madcatz pad/dongle and that worked fine.


SWEET. I have 3 of these brand new sealed son, please believe. Not much use for a PS3 nowadays, but good to know I can still wire up some sticks with psx PCBs and use them for something like this product. GOOD TO KNOW.


Ooooooh. Nice.
I have a random PSX–>PS3 adapter that basically sat around useless after an earlier PS3 firmware update killed its compatibility. Didn’t even occur to me to check if it worked on the UD-USBs. Would be definitely interesting to use it in this context.

I also have a GameCube–>USB adapter as well somewhere. I should try that thing out too.



^ I can’t possibly “like” that post enough. :slight_smile:




I need them in my life!


Where for I buy one of these? :slight_smile:


Is there a list of currently supported ps3/360/usb supported devices that the decoder works with?
I got one of these and have it set up. But for some reason my decoder only recognizes 360 controls. It does not recognize ps3 controls such as the toodles chtulu, inpin converter or ps360+ booted in ps3 mode. Any idea why and how I can fix this? I think I need to refresh the firmware. But the instructions for doing so are a bit confusing to me.

@Darksakul I think you mentioned earlier you had trouble updating the firmware. The instructions mention something about a boot loader application and a firmware file. Were do I get these from? Any help would be appreciated.

Also, what would be the best way to check how much latency is introduced when a convertor is made from one of these?


Not yet. Still need to put one together.

I’ve personally tested both MC Cthulhu and PS360+ in PS3 mode. No idea why it’s not working for you. Unless you bought yours from me aeons ago or you bought an old one used from someone else, it’s definitely not a result of old firmware. If you do want to try updating it just to cross that off your list of things to try, download one of the manuals (firmware update is same for all) and the firmware/program file here:

There is no simple answer. My converter does its job in about 1ms, but you have to factor in the entire chain:

Input controller -> UD-USB Decoder -> Encoder PCB (pad hack, whatever)

I’ve seen input controllers range from ~1ms to ~14ms. If your encoder PCB is not USB based (Playstation 2, for example), I think the encoding time is probably pretty fast (maybe even negligible).


Thanks for your reply. I bought mine recently from paradise arcade. What confuses me is that it does not flash yellow when I plug in an unrecognized controller. I have mine set up to work on xbox one, and have gotten it to work with the Madcatz TE stick, Hori Rap Kai stick, the madcatz pad, etokki converter, official 360 pad, madcatz sfxtekken pad and the Logitech F310 pad set to x input. But nothing so far for ps3 peripherals. The led light does not even flash any colors. I will try the firmware update to cross that off my list. But I have to find a male A to Male A usb cable and a pc, lol. This is a really cool tool. Thank you.

UPDATE: I messed around with it and got toodles cthulu and ps360+ to work in ps3 mode. Inpin does not work though, guess it is not supported.


Can you share details of how you messed around with it (sorry if that’s too personal).


I opened up my convertor and made sure the ground an power connections between the decoder and pcb were solid, made sure that the usb header was seated on the board properly and had not been pulled up by stess of plugging in usb cables and lastly pressed the internal latched button inside the convertor that is connected to the test signal to make sure it wasn’t stuck and keeping the board activated low when powered. One of those things solved the problem.

I am still puzzled about the inpin not working since someone mentioned earlier in the thread that there inpin worked with the decoder. Other than that I am loving this thing. I can now use my sticks, hitbox and pads on the PS4 and xbox one. I am thinking of making a video showing these off a bit.


Ah, ok. Yeah, no thoughts on the Inpin converter. I haven’t put much focus on converters in my drivers, but there are some that I know other people have verified work. Yeah, that would be neat to show other people what you have done with the converters :smiley:


I would eagerly buy two of something like this ready to use! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a bit suspicious my PS360+ (the one that lags on the Xbox360) may lag a little on the PS2, so I guess I’d rather try with my luck with the McCthulhu…


Keep in mind that the old ps360 performed fantastic on the ps3, there’s no good reason to suspect big lag on the ps2.