Undamned's USB Decoders (USB to JAMMA, etc.)!


Hello Brian already have an update for controls PS4 and X-ONE ?



Here’s my little project box with the UD USB and a XBone Hori pad:






Thank eltrouble had not seen this post


I’m trying to modify a dual usb port of motherboard 10 pin connector to split and use with my supergun, it seems there are 8 pins on it, such as on this picture. what is the purpose of fifth pin labeled “s” on ud-usb?


(figured out, shielding. what happens if you don’t connect?)


It should work ok. On paper it’s better to have a separate shield, but it’s doubtful you will be operating in an obscenely noisy electrical environment.


I’m surprised to find out that ground and shield was tied together on 10 pin connector, I separated them and changed molex connectors.


If i plug in a 360 or ps3 pad into the decoder, does it translate the analog signals too?


It recognized the left analog stick on my official wired xbox 360 pad (as demonstrated in the video I posted above). I do not know about the right analog or ps3 analogs though.


just finished reading through the whole thread. this board is definitely going to be able to do what i need it to do. Do you know @Brolylegs? He’s the chun li player who plays pad with his face. He’s a buddy from my area and I’ve tried a couple of different pad hacks for him with little success in fulfilling his requirements. He can only use a thumbstick and he pretty much exclusively plays on 360.

He’s in some real trouble this year for USFIV on ps4. I just found out about this board last night and I’m super excited to make a project box for him. Anyone interested in sponsoring us some parts? :smile:

We’re pulling some money together to make this happen for him. I plan on hacking a PDP MKX pad with the UDUSB. Shouldn’t be too tough assuming that the MKX pad is all common ground.


Finally finished wiring everything on my supergun other than decoders, wired only gnd and vcc to see if it will recognize ps3 pads but I only see red flashing. All controls should be wired before testing?


You should be able to test the pad being recognized w/ +5V and GND powering the Decoder. Red flashing on your PS3 pad or on the Decoder LED? If on your PS3 pad, you need to wait for the bluetooth seach to end (LED stops blinking) then plug in.


I think I did something wrong, accidentally put usb extension cable other way. thats why it gave me flashing red light on decoder, weird is I connected it right and now no light on decoder and controller. I tested and voltage is exactly 5v both on decoder and other end of usb extension. Did I fried it? I read 5v on all screw terminals.


What do you mean “put usb extension cable other way”. There should be only one way to plug it in.

All output signals should be at +5V (pulled up, just like any “common ground” arcade setup).

Is the battery in the controller been charged? Do you have another controller to test with your setup?


I’m using pin headers to mount usb connectors on chasis which was motherboard connector, separated wires and used 4 pin housing. Left to right red, white, green and black, that’s where I made mistake and put it other way such as black, green, white and red. I testing with two ps3 controllers and they are same. Is there anything I can test? I’m really sad that my supergun is finished except the decoders :frowning:


There is no reverse polarity protection (it could be added, but a diode would drop +5V down to like +4.3V, which is bad) so you’ve likely toasted it. I can see about repairing them for a fee (cheaper than buying new ones) if you send them to me. Shoot me a PM to remind me your info.


So far so good. Getting the project box 3d printed asap. tomorrow is solder day.



Hey hey, got it working!
Just using the dvd case until i get the real box printed. I lent it out to my buddy for some extended testing, but so it has worked perfectly. didn’t even need to resolder anything :slight_smile:

Check out us testing it on ps4

i have an imgur for the progress if anyone wants to follow along. so far so good.


Super dope review, sir!


Bumping this up. I hope XB1 and PS4 support as the primary controller will be available soon!