Under Pressure (doo, doo, doo, do-do doo doo)

So, I am having a fair amount of trouble with rush down characters who put immense pressure on me.
All I can do is block.
Every attack I attempt (s.lp, c.lk, c,mk) gets reversed.
They jump out of or hit twice before all exCOD.
They grab all roll outs.
It’s just jab jab jab jab combo or whatever.

The usual culprits are who I am up against (Ryu, Ken, Fei Long, etc.).
Unusually though, I haven’t come up against a really good Yun or Yang yet, either because people are still learning or because they don’t know the match up. Waiting for their long combos to end is dull too, and usually coming out of block with exCOD gets some gasps through the headset.

I am by no means a good player, have only played for about 2 weeks and am still having trouble with a few bnb (f+mk, s.fp xx fierce CoD FADC c.fp into what ever). In time I will get it with practice.

Is there anything I can do?

I am pretty new too but I will offer what little advice i can

Usually what I try is to either ex roll out of there if I have the meter. Learning to crouch tech is pretty valuable too, that can help you get some distance if they are throwing that at you.

i might also suggest switching characters, I am about 5 weeks into the game and switched from Abel to Balrog after getting frustrated at constantly being on the receiving end of this kind of domination. From what I read in the beginner thread, Abel is dependent on a lot of advanced techniques that newer players might not be ready for. My plan is to try to learn Balrog and come back to Abel as I get more experience, because to be frank my hands are just not fast enough on the stick to get any use out of abel- I play Balrog to try to learn spacing and having defensive options, then in training mode I grind that medium kick to dash to heavy punch link with Abel :))

since youre a beginner, you can start by reading all the important/stickied threads in the abel forums, read and post only if you have something you dont understand, at this level you should read/play more than post (not saying you shouldnt post anything, but make sure youve read the threads first)…

keep on playing against people(preferably offline where theres no lag) and ask yourself why did you win/lose, why that worked/didnt work etc…

but yeah, basically, learn the theory(from the threads) and try to apply it in training mode/real match.

Yes, I have been reading up on the crouch tech and it might work, thanks. I don’t really want to change characters until I feel like I have hit a plateau for Abel.

I have done all that, read through the threads multiple times, thought back over every loss and watched replays to see what I could have done better. Basically tried everything that lead me to the point where I have to ask. That is why we are on this site, to better ourselves, right?
Instead of explaining what I should and shouldn’t do on this forum, you could have just given me advice for my specific problem.

Have you also checked out the Newbie Saikyo Dojo section?

And uh, I did give you advice. Take it or leave it.

Sorry I didnt spoon feed you.

Really, its not like im against people giving advice, its just not everyone can give you detailed answers every time so sometimes they just point you towards the right direction instead. You have no right to demand a specific answer from anyone, stop acting like you do and people might want to answer your questions.

You didn’t give advice, just pointed in a vague direction for me to delve deeper into. I will however go through the newbie threads again in hope for more answers.

To be fair, your question was pretty vague itself. Whats your question again?

“Is there anything I can do?”

How about, is there anything I can do to counter the pressure and gain the upper hand?

That still sounded too general imo. My answer to that question,

You need to know your opponent characters too. Know their moves, and know your own. Learn to play footsies. Control the space. Dont let them get in, and if they do got in, dont panic and know when to counter/escape/block. Thats why it is important to know your opponents moves.

You might not be able to learn much from watching your own videos except maybe understanding your opp offense pattern, why did you get hit? etc. You can watch videos of other good abels vs good shotos and ask yourself why did the abel does that move at that time? etc.

Blocking is not a bad thing(when being attacked/pressured).

Youre attempting to attack at the wrong time.

I dont understand this.

You were being predictable or just that they guessed that you were going to roll and guessed right.

Its called hit-confirming, or whatever.

Thank you, after a friend came over and watched me play, she mentioned that I look panicked and anxious when the pressure was on. I didn’t realise this what so ever. Guess I will hit up the video thread after this.

Thanks again.

my advice to you is to keep losing. i started on ssf4, i didnt have sf4 so i went through the same thing. no 1 can tell a novice how to stop an experienced player from rushing him down, it just wont happen. if u get nervous when being pressured, u probably wont even remember what u were told in the heat of battle. use the knowlegde u have learnt and apply it in the training room. if your moves are being reversed its because u dont know your frame data. all of abels normals have slow start up, so u will never win a trade if u mash. its all about timing, learn to throw out st lk to stop advancing opponents. its like a boxers jab, it disrupts your opponent briefly. also in the training room, learn how to punish whiffed reversals correctly. when i started with abel i would try to punish a whiffed dp and get hit with a 2nd one. the training room will solve all of that if u record the dummy to keep doing dps. after a while u will be a good enough player, u will know your defensive options. all those beating u took just helped u in learning the match ups. im only an average player but for me only having played ssf4 for 1 year i average 2800pp (highest 3k pp) and not so long ago i couldnt get past 1000 pp. just be a good student. we both still have a long way to go but everything will work itself out. if u have any specific problems u can message me. ill do my best to share what i know with abel.

I have a hard time with pressure. My main is makoto and i do fair with her because she has easy anti airs (s.mp c.mk and fukiage) that not only beat jump ins, but fukiage can combo into another fukiage into ex IAT. And all 3 AA are active so long you dont really need great timing. And they even beat well timed placement of the air normal. I really want to stick with abel as a second. The hard thing is not having brain dead AA u can basically sit on and do massive damage. The only thing u can do (brain dead wise) is roll and all u accomplished is making them mad, not dissuading another jump in. You would be surprised how players at a low level (my level) are willing to jump in over and over and over (usually near crossover point) if you are playing a character without a DP. As easy as it sounds to defeat that, they obviously are doing it because it works alot (ie not just against you.) Its almost like someone is paying them for every time they jump in. I think mostly its just going to take getting used to Abel and mounting a better offense and trying not to get too salty from losing for now.

story of my life :frowning:

just got beat 11 straight matches by different people with constant pressure

this game is so god damn frustrating man like if I sit back and just do wheel kick i can beat them but at my low level (500-1500 pp) its just "whoever establishes their offense wins)

i like playing better players that i can establish a footing against even if i lose, right now its just cammies, kens, akumas, that stuff and just in my face constant jumpins and i get bodied every match gah this is so frustrating im gonna quit abel and go play balrog

i can block the strings find but its just jumpin after jumpin and i don’t see the gaps, heck hafl of the time i predict the next jumping crossup before it happens and try jump back fierce punch but its just too late, gah im venting

well tbh if your getting crossed up/ being jumped at right after a blk string, its hard to time AA without a dp anyways~~~~like a lot of the times the spacing of the jumps after a blk string are either too deep crossups to be able to AA with st fierce or just ambiguous enough to make you hesitate to press a button. So the best thing really is to block instead of trying to break the pressure cuz you will eat a frametrap, another jumpin, grab, etc.

Like if they are jumping at you from a far and your getting hit, well thats just your fault. NOONE should be getting free jumpins, not even dive kick characters, from a distance. if that is the case, then your just going to have to play alot of games and just focus on AAing during the games instead of focusing on your offense or whatever. Like when i realized i reached a lvl of play where just abel mixups alone wud not get me anywhere(i did not know footsies, AA, teching, etc when i started playing this game since vanilla because i only played abel and i was able to win just because of his gdlk mixups) i played a LOT of games where i would literally just work on and focus solely on keeping a guy from gettin in on me with st short, st far strong, sweep, step kick, cr fwd(AA), st fierce(AA), cr strong and whatever else i missed and practiced blocking and cr teching grabs i lost a LOT of games from doing that. But after a while it got pretty natural to do and made my overall game muuch btter…

so yeah, just play more and focus on defending/footsies instead of getting into that situation. And if in the situation, learn to calmly block/tech and sooner or later you will see the gaps to roll out/ex roll out/ex tt out of the pressure.

don’t know if this is still poppin but any help is great [media=youtube]SMrp7LZrpD0[/media]

Looks like you need to learn your matchups better. You don’t use much step kick pressure. Also you need to block on wakeup instead of focus or breathless. Also read up on the wealth of info on here on setups and frame traps for Abel. Your block strings need to be more frame tight and include frame traps to catch opponents mashing. Be patient when playing Abel and punish your opponents mistakes.

thanks for the input i have many more matches i need to put together but im having an extremely hard time dealing with rush down characters ken/cammy/akuma/ryu/oni the constant jump ins is also very difficult for me

If a player is rushing you down with jump ins you have options. Focus backdash, ex tt, backdash, roll, ex roll. Then it’s just about keeping them out and doing damage when they mess up

Read some info on the Abel Guide…